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Amit Karmakar is an IT professional, with around 20 years of experience primarily in banking technologies and data science. In his spare time, Amit loves writing about technology, flash photography and other subjects close to his heart. He is an occasional contributor to our site.

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Students Guide for Communication Types and Styles

Communication is the exchange of information between two or more people or entities. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as speaking, writing, or using sign language. Even before languages came to be known, communication was always an essential part of life, an important skill to have had. Effective communication can help

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Students and Stimulus Packages

Ever since the Covid 19 pandemic hit the US, the government has been trying to provide relief by giving stimulus packages. It started with the first stimulus being rolled out in March of 2020 and the 2nd one in Jan of 2021. In both these stimulus packages, college students were left out of the payments,

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Biden Administration acts on Student Loans

After coming to power in Jan 2021, President Joe Biden announced the cancellation of $1 Billion student loans. Seventy-two thousand students qualified for their student loan cancellation. The move only applies to borrowers whose claims have been approved under the Borrower Defense to Repayment Act. Students are now wondering if they qualify for the cancellation

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What is March Madness?

With this being March, a lot of buzz is going on about March Madness on campuses which are still mostly virtual. Students across America are fascinated by their favorite players doing magic. But a lot of other folks wonder – What is March Madness? What is all this fuss about? This blog will focus on

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