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Top 25 Jobs for Students on Campus

Bob Litt

Attention college students! Are you looking for a way to make some extra money? If so, consider working on campus. There are many great work-study jobs available that will allow you to gain experience in your desired field and make some money too. This blog post highlights 25 of the best work-study jobs on campus. So, whether you are interested in marketing, law, or education, there is sure to be an opportunity for you!

Check out the list below and see which work-study job is right for you:

  1. Tutor other students in your field of study
  2. Work in the campus library
  3. Serve as a research assistant for professors
  4. Manage the social media accounts for the school
  5. Staff the campus bookstore
  6. Serve as a Resident Assistant (RA) or Desk Assistant (DA) in a dormitory
  7. Work in food service or the dining hall
  8. Serve as a lab assistant in your field of study
  9. Work in the campus IT department or help desk
  10. Create and manage a blog or website for the school
  11. Serve as a student ambassador
  12. Work in the career center
  13. Staff the campus reception desk
  14. Serve as a teaching assistant for professors in your field of study
  15. Serve as a mentor to other students
  16. Work in the campus health center
  17. Serve as a mentor to new students
  18. Work in the student activities office
  19. Work in the campus radio or TV station
  20. Serve as a tour guide for prospective students and their families
  21. Work in the campus security office
  22. Serve as a student worker in the admissions office
  23. Work as a student worker in the registrar’s office
  24. Serve as a student worker in the financial aid office
  25. Work as a student worker in the campus marketing office

We hope you have found the perfect work-study job for you on this list! Remember to explore all your options and ask around. Campus jobs are a great way to gain experience and make some money, so be sure to check them out. Good luck!

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