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6 Month Masters Degree Online
6 Month Masters Degree Online
What are the 6 month Masters Degree Online programs?
online master’s programs
What schools offer the Six Month Masters Degree Online Programs?
FAQ 6 Month Masters Degree Online
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6 Month Masters Degree Online
6 Month Masters Degree Online Programs – Details
6 Month Masters Degree Online
Schools that offer 6 month Masters Degree Online Programs – Details
6 Month Masters Degree Online
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6 Month Masters Degree Online

A six-month online master’s degree program might sound far-fetched. Master’s degrees usually take at least one year to complete. However, a mix of specialized course enrollments and prior learning credits can be used to “hack the system” and lead to a master’s degree in less than a year.  Typically, master’s degree programs are 30 credit programs at the very least. Whether one acquires those 30 credits through semester blocks, eight-week classes, or self-paced study is up to the student and the institution. In any case, it is essential to understand that the time factor determines learning outcomes and the degree on the whole in such six-month accelerated programs.

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What are the 6 month Masters Degree Online programs?

Here is a list of 6 month Masters Degree Online programs:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Legal Studies
  3. Engineering Management
  4. Accounting
  5. RN to BSN
  6. MBA Healthcare Management

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What schools offer the Six Month Masters Degree Online Programs?

Here is a list of schools that offer the Six Month Masters Degree Online programs:

  1. Western New England University
  2. Arkansas State University
  3. Zaragoza Logistics Center
  4. Pixel
  5. Herzing University
  6. B&20 British School
  7. Bryant University
  8. Charter Oak State College
  9. Northern Kentucky University
  10. SDA Bocconi
  11. MBP School of Coaches
  12. University of Law
  13. EAE Business School
  14. Western Governors University
  15. Istituto Europeo di Design Madrid

FAQs about Six Month Masters Degree Online Programs

6 Month Masters Degree Online

Is a 6-month master’s degree program any good?

Yes, a 6-month master’s program is, more often than not, as good as any other traditional full-time or part-time master’s program.

6 Month Masters Degree Online

Are 6-month master’s degree programs accredited?

While these ultra-accelerated master’s programs may not be programmatically accredited, the institution that offers such programs may have accreditation, which is always preferred.

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Do 6-month master’s degree holders get jobs?

Yes, graduates of 6-month online master’s degree programs can get good jobs, but not on this degree alone. In almost all cases, it is working professionals who take up the 6-month master’s program to complement their education qualifications and work experience. This degree usually only helps such professionals advance in their careers or changes careers entirely.

6 Month Masters Degree Online

Is a 6-month master’s degree worth it?

For those who wish to advance in their careers, or change career paths, a 6-month master’s degree is worth doing. Given the cost to time ratio, one can quickly earn the investment for one such degree.

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Are 6-month master’s degree programs easy to do?

Yes and no – this depends on the students’ aptitude, interest, and time availability. A 6-month online master’s degree is very rigorous and crams in more than a fair amount of study and lessons throughout the course.

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How expensive is a 6-month master’s program?

Cost and affordability are highly subjective points. In some instances, 6-month accelerated programs can be as expensive as their 2-year counterparts. But considering the short duration, these programs can potentially earn the student their money back relatively quickly.

 admission requirements for the 6 months online master’s

Where can I do a 6-month master?

Several universities across the country offer 6-month master’s programs in various disciplines and different degree types, such as the online Master of Arts (MA) and the online Master of Science (MS). Some of the best ones are highlighted on this page.

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6 Month Masters Degree Online Programs – Details

A master’s degree is a certificate that nearly always equates to higher compensation and more job options. It is also an excellent option to change career paths, progress in one’s existing career, or look for a pay rise.  Furthermore, many entry-level positions now demand a master’s degree due to the current trend in professional careers.

Because of the fast-paced nature of today’s society, many graduating students and working professionals are evaluating whether an online master’s degree can help them advance in their jobs. And for some of them, opting for ultra-accelerated programs seems plausible.

While there are many six-month online master’s degree programs for prospective students to consider, a few popular ones are in:

  1. Digital Marketing
    Digital marketing has become the most powerful kind of marketing due to the expansion of digital media and platforms. Even traditional channels are evolving to accommodate more digital media, emphasizing its importance in today’s marketing strategy. Search engines, social media, email, applications, websites, and any new digital channels that may appear with the possibility of advertisement are all examples of digital marketing. Offline outlets, which include digital media, are also included.
  2. Legal Studies
    The Legal Studies Program is committed to teaching students passionate about serving justice, improving American society, and understanding and eliminating systemic inequities in the criminal justice system. The program prepares students for careers in those and other fields of criminal justice in the public and private sectors. Students who are not interested in law school can use the Legal Studies major to build an academic foundation for future careers in corporate compliance, non-profit organizations, federal and state regulatory agencies, court administration, and other fields where a legal background combined with business studies is critical.
  3. Engineering Management
    Engineering Management provides the tools and skills needed to make effective management decisions in industry and company while being committed to a specific engineering profession. Because the engineering industry is becoming more complex, job candidates with experience in business and management, as well as engineering, are in more demand. Students learn about how a business’s finances and assets are managed, how to manage people and organizations, customer service, and successful teamwork and motivation tactics, along with manufacturing and production systems design, logistics and supply chain management, quality assurance, product development, project management and more.
  4. Accounting
    Accounting is excellent for individuals interested in a variety of commercial, consulting, and finance occupations, and it gives complete preparation for academic study in accounting or finance. Financial reporting, managerial accounting, finance, economics, and quantitative methods are among the topics covered in accounting programs.
  5. RN to MSN
    Practicing RNs who want to open up professional prospects, such as obtaining better pay, taking on management responsibilities, or having more opportunities to treat certain types of patients, will require an MSN or Master of Science in Nursing. This online master’s is also suitable for those who wish to specialize in a particular area of nursing or want to become Family Nurse Practitioners, Post-secondary Nursing Instructors, etc. The RN to MSN online program is gaining popularity because of its flexibility for working professionals.
  6. MBA Healthcare Management
    The Healthcare Management MBA program prepares students to evaluate critical business via a public health lens, making it an excellent option for individuals interested in pursuing an administration job in the healthcare field. Students of MBA Healthcare Management accelerated online programs will learn the ethical, economical, and legal aspects of any medical practice, qualifying them for leadership roles in a healthcare facility.

Some schools also offer an accelerated program in:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Administration
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Leadership
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Health Sciences
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Management
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Criminal Justice

Schools that offer 6 month Masters Degree Online Programs – Details

6 Month Masters Degree Online Best Seal

Across the United States, several schools offer six-month master’s degree online programs in various disciplines. Here are a few top ones:

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Source Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System & University Data
*Tuition rates are for in-state and per year. Program specific rates may apply.
**NA – data not available

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