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African American Scholarships
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Top 10 Scholarships
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African American Scholarships

African American Scholarships

Today’s private, public, and government agencies are looking for talented individuals with proficient knowledge in various disciplines. But to qualify for these roles, students need to have advanced degrees. Most students have the goal of getting a higher education degree and qualify for such highly paid careers. This is true for the African American community, but there is a pronounced gap between African Americans and other communities regarding enrollment numbers. According to the National Center of Education Statistics, in 2016, the total enrollment percentage of African Americans was 6.7%, while the enrollment percentage for Caucasians was 53.8%. One of the reasons for this massive gap is the rising tuition costs that make it difficult for some African Americans to afford higher education. Luckily, there are several African American Scholarships available that will help reduce the financial burden. In this guide, we will walk through various types of scholarships for African Americans, a list of those scholarships, how to apply, tips & tricks, and much more.

Top 10 Scholarships for African Americans

There are many scholarships for African Americans. Many corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, associations, and organizations sponsor the scholarships. Some of them are current, and some of them are for the past years. We have compiled many African American scholarships in the guide. Let us begin with the top African American scholarships in the country. The top African American scholarships are listed below, not in any particular order.

Scholarships for African Americans

According to the National Center of Education Statistics, African Americans receive an average financial aid amount of $8,900 from various financial aid sources. And financial aid means that the amount needs to be paid back. Scholarships are monetary gifts to students to pay towards their higher education. And scholarships do not need to be paid back. There are hundreds of scholarships available for African Americans. Typically, scholarships are provided to students who have demonstrated good academic achievement, have demonstrated financial necessity, involved in community service, have demonstrated leadership, etc. There are other types of scholarships awarded to students committed to a cause or pursuing higher education in areas that the sponsors of those scholarships are doing business in.

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List of Scholarships for African Americans

Here is a list of African American Scholarships:

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
Congressional Black Caucus ScholarshipsThe Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) is an organization whose mission is to advance the global black community by developing leaders, informing policy, and educating the public. To support this mission, the CBCF offers many scholarships to students that demonstrate leadership ability through community service and academic talent. Every year, the CBCF offers many years. Here are a few scholarships that CBCF administers:

CBC Spouses Performing Arts Scholarship – Established in 2000, this scholarship is awarded once a year to African American students pursuing a degree in performing arts. Applying students should reside in the Congressional Black Caucus district.

CBC Spouses Visual Arts Scholarship – This scholarship was established in 2006 to provide financial assistance to African Americans pursuing a degree in visual arts. The scholarship is awarded once a year, and two winners will be invited to perform at the Annual Celebration of Leadership in Fine Arts in September. Applying students should reside in the Congressional Black Caucus district.

CBC Spouses Education Scholarship – – Established in 1988, this scholarship is intended to address the educational need in the congressional districts in response to federal cuts in spending for education programs and scholarships. Applying students should reside in the Congressional Black Caucus district.

United Health Foundation Louis Stokes Scholarship – Sponsored by the United Health Foundation, this scholarship intends to increase the number of qualified, competitive African Americans to enter the field of internal medicine, family medicine, and pediatrics. Applying students should reside in the Congressional Black Caucus district.
CBC Spouses Performing Arts Scholarship – April 30

CBC Spouses Visual Arts Scholarship – April 30

CBC Spouses Education Scholarship – April 30

United Health Foundation Louis Stokes Scholarship – April 30
CBC Spouses Performing Arts Scholarship – $3,000

CBC Spouses Visual Arts Scholarship – $3,000

CBC Spouses Education Scholarship – $1,500

United Health Foundation Louis Stokes Scholarship – $5,000 to $8,000
Jackie Robinson FoundationJackie Robinson Foundation (JRF) was founded more than 42 years with a commitment to equal opportunity by addressing the achievement gap in higher education and building the Jackie Robinson Museum in New York City. JRF runs many programs such as scholarship grants, hands-on mentoring, internships, job placement services, etc. JRF Scholars receive grants to complement the financial aid they receive from their colleges and universities.February 1$30,000 over four years
National Achievement® Scholarship ProgramNational Achievement® Scholarship Program was established in 1964 by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC). NMSC’s mission is to encourage Black American youth to continue their education. Since these scholarships have been created in the half-century, more than 4.6 million Black Americans have entered the programs.Students enter the competition when they take the PSAT/NMSQT at the school in the fall of their junior year.$2,500
Brown and Caldwell Minority ScholarshipsBrown and Caldwell is an organization that provides several services in the areas of safeguarding water, maintaining infrastructure, and restoring habitats. Brown Caldwell’s purpose is 100% commitment to the environment and is an employee-owned organization. Brown and Caldwell values diversity in the workplace and administers a minority scholarship to encourage minorities to pursue a career in the environmental professionVaries each year$5,000
American Chemical Society Scholars ProgramAmerican Chemical Society (ACS) is a non-profit scientific organization constituting more than 152,000 members in more than 130 countries worldwide. ACS’s mission is to advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners to benefit Earth and its people. ACS administers the ACS Scholars program to underrepresented minority students majoring in undergraduate chemistry-related disciplines and pursuing careers in chemistry-related fields.Varies$5,000
Carrington-Philbert Scholarship ProgramCarrington-Philbert Scholarship was established by Malcolm Carrington and Sherwin Bridgewater in the memory of their grandparents. The Carrington – Philbert scholarship fund is founded on integrity, honor, and dedication to service. This scholarship is awarded to African Americans who plan to enter a two-year or a four-year college degree.May 1$2,500
American Bus Association Foundation Diversity ScholarshipsThe American Bus Association (ABA) is committed to maximizing its bus, tour, and travel members’ success. The ABA represents its members in the government policy areas, facilitates the industry buyer-seller interface, and supports the bus industry through engagement, education, research & education of members to help improve their success. The ABA Foundation promotes academic excellence and diversity in the motorcoach and tour industry through its scholarship program.Varies$5,000
The Actuarial Foundation Diversity ScholarshipThe Actuarial Foundation ensures the future of the actuarial profession through its scholarships and reimbursement program. Diversity Scholarships. The Actuarial Diversity Scholarship promotes diversity within the profession through an annual scholarship program for Black/African American, Hispanic, Native North American, and Pacific Islander students.April 15$1,000 to $4,000
Ron Brown Scholar ProgramThe Ron Brown Scholar Fund is a non-profit public charity managed by an independent Board of Trustees. This program provides financial resources to attend colleges and universities. Young African Americans of the outstanding promise are offered scholarships, service opportunities, and leadership experiencesJanuary$10,000 per year for four years
Gensler ScholarshipsGensler is an organization to create a better world through the power of design and reimagines the future of cities. Gensler is committed to creating a just and equitable future. Gensler is committed to taking action that supports social justice and created opportunities for the Black community. To support this mission, they administer scholarships for African American students that are enrolled in architecture programs.JanuaryMultiple Scholarships available up to $60,000
American Meteorological Society Minority ScholarshipsThe American Meteorological Society (AMS) is a global community committed to advancing weather, water, and climate science and service. The AMS Minority Scholarships are awarded to minority students, including Black/African American students.February$3,000

Scholarships for African Americans in STEM

One of the hot educational fields in today’s world is STEM education. Short for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics, STEM education is facilitating students for technology careers across the world. Several organizations provide STEM Scholarships for minorities, especially African Americans. Here are a few STEM Scholarships for African Americans and other minorities.

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
Massport STEM Scholarship ProgramMassachusetts Port Authority (Massport) connects Massachusetts and New England to the world safely, securely, and efficiently. Massport is committed to neighbors who live and work around the ports and facilities. Massport is committed to several initiatives and provides several internships and scholarships. One such scholarship is the Diversity STEM Scholarships that intend to attract diverse students to pursue careers in the transportation industry.June 15$2,000
National Action Council for Minorities in EngineeringNational Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME) is the largest provider of scholarships for minorities pursuing engineering degrees. NACME’s mission is to enrich society with an American workforce that champions diversity in STEM by increasing the number of underrepresented minorities in engineering and computer science. To support this mission, several scholarships that African American students in STEM degrees can apply for:
Bridge Scholarship
Block Grant
Corporate Scholarships

Bridge Scholarship – Jan

Block Grant – Sep

Corporate Scholarships – Oct

Family-Sponsored – Varies
Bridge Scholarship – $1,000

Block Grant – $2,500

Corporate Scholarships – $5,000

Family-Sponsored – Varies
Blacks at Microsoft ScholarshipMicrosoft is a well-known global giant that produces computer software, electronics, personal computers, and related services. Microsoft administers a scholarship program called Black at Microsoft Scholarship (BAM). BAM is dedicated to supporting the continued growth and development of black employees and encouraging students to pursue a career in technologyDecemberFour $20,000 awards – $5,000 per year renewable for four years
Eight $10,000 awards – $5,000 per year for two years
Fifteen $1,000 awards – one time
Gates Millennium Scholars ProgramBill Gates, best known as the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, and his wife Melinda Gates established a charitable foundation in 2000, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation administers a scholarship program called Gates Millennium Scholars that promotes academic excellence, provides opportunities, and reduces financial barriers for outstanding students of color.SeptemberVaries based on financial need
National Society of Black EngineersNational Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) was founded in 1975 with nearly 22,000 members worldwide. NSBE is a non-profit organization with a mission to increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community. To support this mission, NSBE several scholarships for which the award amount and deadlines vary.
Entertainment Software Association Foundation ScholarshipEntertainment Software Association (ESA) Foundation harnesses the video game industry’s collective power to impact communication across the country positively. To support that mission ESA Foundation administers scholarships. One such scholarship is the LGBTQ + Support Scholarship that is meant to inspire women and minority students to take up STEM degrees and to work in the video game industryVaries$3,000

Scholarships for First Generation African American College Students

In a lot of communities across America, getting a college degree is still out of reach. This is primarily because of the lack of access, the cost of higher education, and many other historic and cultural reasons. This is true for the African American community too. Luckily, many organizations offer scholarships to African Americans attending college for the first time in their family history. These first-generation African American Scholarships may not fully pay the tuition expenses, but they reduce the overall financial burden. Here are a few first-generation African American scholarships:

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
Black Skeptics Los Angeles ScholarshipBlack Skeptics Los Angeles is a community-based, all-volunteer, non-profit organization that provides social justice resources. Black Skeptics Group provides a safe space for Black freethinkers who feel marginalized and unaccepted. They administer a first in the family scholarship awards program.June$1,000
Walmart Foundation and Thurgood Marshal College FundWalmart is a well-known global chain of stores that supports many philanthropic programs through its Foundation. Walmart Foundation and The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMF) offer financial assistance to first-generation students attending HBCUs.Varies61 scholarships with $6,200 award amount
Fontana Transport Scholars ProgramFontana Transport Inc is a freight shipping and trucking company out of Fontana, California. Fontana wants to find, sponsor, and guide leaders who are determined to succeed by all means possible, regardless of their struggles. To support this, Fontana sponsors a scholar’s program for students who are first-generation and underrepresented. African American first-generation students can apply for this scholarshipMarchVaries
The First-Generation Civil Rights FellowshipThe first-Generation Civil Rights Fellowship is a collaborative program to advance first-generation college students committed to social justice. This fellowship is awarded to students that are the first in immediate families to attend college. African Americans meet the eligibility to apply for this fellowshipFeb$3,000

Scholarships for African American Women

The number of African American women in universities and colleges is steadily increasing. African American women are increasingly choosing a variety of professions geared towards highly competitive careers and higher wages. And there are many scholarships available to African American women that will help towards the higher education degrees. Here is a list of Scholarships for African American women.

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
The Rossiter Family ScholarshipThe Rossiter Family Scholarship is administered by The Engineering Center Education Trust (TECET). Sponsored by Allen and Selina Rossiter, TECET administers this scholarship to support their mission by helping Massachusetts students pursue higher education in the engineering field. The Rossiter Family Scholarship is offered to benefit women and minority students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in civil or environmental engineering.December$10,000
National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s ClubNational Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club (NANBPWC) is an organization that promotes and protects the interests of African American business and professional women. To support this mission, they administer many scholarship programs for which African American women can apply.AprilVaries
National Hook-Up of Black Women, IncNational Hook-Up of Black Women, Inc (NHBW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving families’ lives through the support of arts, culture, health, education, and human services programs. To support this mission, NHBW administers several scholarships for which African American women can apply.VariesVaries
National Association of Color Women’s ClubsNational Association of Color Women’s Clubs (NACWC) is an organization to uplift women, children, and families through community service, education, and scholarships. NACWC has many chapters throughout the country and administers many programs and scholarships for African American women. NACWC administers the Hallie Q. Brown Scholarship Fund, Patricia Fletcher Scholarship Fund, and numerous other college funding sources.VariesVaries

Scholarships for African American Men

Many organizations offer scholarships for African American men. These scholarships are intended to encourage African American men to pursue higher education degrees. Here is a list of Scholarships for African American men:

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
The 100 Black Men of ScholarshipThe 100 Black Men of America, Inc is a national top African American led mentoring organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life within the communities and enhance educational and economic opportunists. To support this mission, they administer a national scholarship program that provides scholarships to national applicants.Varies$1,000 to $5,000
Dallas Foundation – The Pickard Scholarship FundThe Dallas Foundation brings together people, ideas, and investment in the greater Dallas area so that individuals and families can reach their full potential. The Dallas foundation provides many scholarship opportunities, and one such scholarship program is The Pickard Scholarship Fund. This scholarship is created to assist African American male students in Dallas county.Varies$10,000
Community Foundation of Northern IllinoisCommunity Foundation of Northern Illinois is a community organization with the mission to catalyze attracting, preserving, and growing an endowment for the current and future needs of the people of the Northern Illinois area. This organization administers many scholarships, and one such scholarship is the Era L. and Frances L. Walker Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to African American males that have been involved in community service and volunteerism.FebVaries
The American Library AssociationThe Library and Information Technology Association (LITA) is part of the American Library Association. The LITA is a leading organization that provides education and services to its members by providing publications, programs, and other activities designed to promote, develop and aid the implementation of libraries and information technologyMarch$2,500

How to apply for African American Scholarships?

While higher educational degrees are a must in today’s competitive world, paying for the degree programs is increasingly becoming difficult—this is where scholarships, grants, student loans, and other financial assistance programs will help. But qualifying and applying for this financial assistance is another challenge. Each type of financial assistance has a process. This is true for African American scholarships as well. We created a step-by-step process of how to apply for scholarships below. It is essential to note that the process to apply for scholarships may vary for each scholarship program. Our step-by-step process is a general overview of what students should consider while applying for scholarships and customizing the process based on the scholarship they are applying for.

Step by Step Guide for Applying for African American Scholarships

Step 1 – Identify

First, calculate the cost of your higher education degree based on the university to which you are admitted to or applying. Then calculate how much you are paying from your pocket. Calculate the gap. Then, research and identify the number of scholarships you can apply for and how much you might receive based on qualifications and other criteria.

Step 2 – Application Process

Each scholarship will have a different application process. Create an outline of the application process for each of the scholarships you are applying for in Step 1 above that includes dates, supporting documentation, addresses to which applications might be mailed or applied online, etc.

Step 3- Collect material

For each of the scholarships you are applying to, collect materials that they are asking for – Things like transcripts, recommendation letters from previous teachers/professors or peers or people of significant impact in your life, past achievements, etc. You need to document all the scholarships’ requirements and collect material to address those requirements.

Step 4 – Essay writing

Most scholarships today ask that the applicants write an essay. The topic for those essays can vary. Some scholarship administrators might support a particular cause and might require applicants to write an essay about that cause. Some scholarships may want the applicant to write about the applicant. Whatever the scholarship administrators’ requirement might be, you will need to make time to write a proper essay.

Step 5 – Follow Instructions

Take the instructions of the scholarship administrators to the letter. Do not assume things or take them for granted. You must follow the instructions 100%.

Step 6 – Submit the application

Make a copy of the entire application kit and apply. These days most scholarships are moving towards the online application submission process. Even online, take a copy of the documents you submit (scan or save to a file) and apply before the deadline.

Tips and Tricks for applying for African American Scholarships

Discipline – Like in all other fields, they are applying for financial aid, and scholarships also require discipline. Students need to create a process for researching, documenting, and applying for scholarships. During this process, it is essential to be disciplined in sticking to the plan, ensuring that deadlines are met, all the requested documentation is collected and included with the application, etc. On top of that, students need to demonstrate discipline to the scholarship providers and counselors to pursue the plan for laid out education and career. Students with a disciplined approach for scholarships and have demonstrated discipline to the counselors and administrators have the best chance for success.

Good GPA – If you plan to apply for scholarships in the future, know that having good grades always helps. So, students who might be looking to apply to scholarships need to improve their grades and test scores as much as possible. Higher grades attract scholarship administrators and increase your chances.

Beware of Scams – Beware of scholarship scams. Read our guide that explains all about scholarship scams.

Get Ahead Plan for scholarships ahead of time. Do your research, collect a list of scholarships for which you might qualify, and get everything ready. Prepare for interviews. Do mock-ups and try to predict what they might ask. And prepare your responses. All this planning ahead increases your chances of success.

Your Story –The most important thing in your scholarship kit is your story. Create a nice write up explaining things like – who you are, why you chose this field of study, what your career will look like, what you care about, what non-profit or community work you have done, your financial circumstances, why you need a scholarship, etc. It would help if you made a compelling case about why you should receive the scholarship. This is your best shot at getting that scholarship and make your story stick with the administrators.

Relationships Matter – Always establish good relationships with everyone. Some scholarship administrators may try to talk to someone in your circles, and what they say might be a factor in the final decision. So, establishing good relations will help you.

Establish Connections – If you plan to attend a college or university near where you live, you can call up the counselor at university, introduce yourself and make an acquaintance. Have a human connection always helps. When counselors and administrators can put a voice or a face to an application, it helps them understand your story better.

Grants and Fellowships for African Americans

Grants are another monetary gift towards paying for higher education. Grants are typically offered by federal, state, or local governments. Research organizations can also offer grants. The difference between grants and scholarships is that grants are usually based on financial need, while scholarships are mostly based on merit. Fellowships are typically short-term assignments, specialized work, research work, etc. Fellowships are typically offered by organizations or universities performing research. Just like scholarships, grants, and fellowships also do not need to be paid back. African Americans can take advantage of grants and/or fellowships to fund their higher education. Here are some types of grants that African Americans can apply for:

Federal Pell Grants: The US Department of Education administers the Federal Pell Grant program. They are usually are awarded to undergraduate students who display exceptional financial need and have not earned a bachelor’s, graduate, or professional degree. Students need to apply for FAFSA to be able to be considered for the Federal Pell Grant program.

Government Grants by State: Many state governments administer state-level grant programs. Typically, these grant programs are administered by the state department of education or a separate department of grants. Check in the region that you live to find out more about your state grant programs for students.

Private Grants: Many private organizations administer grant programs for minorities. Organizations such as community associations, non-profit entities, private foundations, etc., want to encourage higher education diversity. To support this mission, they administer grant programs.

Here is a list of some grant and fellowship programs that African Americans can apply for:

The State of Wisconsin’s Higher Educational Aids Board administers several financial aid programs for Wisconsin residents. For all these financial aid programs, the students should be enrolled in a non-profit college or university based in Wisconsin. The students should be enrolled in an undergraduate degree and should have a high school diploma. One such financial aid program is the Minority Undergraduate Retention Grant for which African Americans can apply. Date – Varies
Amount – $250 to $2,500 per year for up to eight semesters or twelve quarters


The Federal government of the United States administers several student aid programs through the US Department of Education. One such grant program is the Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) Program. The FSEOG program is awarded to low-income undergraduate students enrolled or accepted for enrolment in participating schools. Application is through FAFSA.
Date – Varies
Amount – Varies





The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) is the world’s largest member association representing the accounting profession. AICPA’s mission is to power the global business’s success, CPA’s, CGMA’s, and specialty credentials. To support this mission, AICPA administers a fellowship for Minority Doctoral students. Amount – $12,000 annual Date – May

The National Academies of Sciences Engineering Medicine is a non-profit organization that provides independent, objective advice to inform policy with evidence, spark progress and innovation, and confront challenging issues for the science’s benefit. They also administer fellowships sponsored by the Ford Foundation for underrepresented groups such as African Americans.
Date – Varies
Amount – $27,000 for three years, an annual stipend

The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF), in partnership with Hennessy, offers the Hennessy Fellows Program to high achieving graduate students who are pursuing a degree from the Historically Black Colleges and Black Institutions (HBCUs) and Predominantly Black Institutions (PBIs).
Date – December
Amount -$20,000 per academic year for two years and a one-time $10,000 stipend.


Goldman Sachs is a multinational investment bank and financial services company. Established in 1997, they administer an MBA Fellowship program for first-year MBA students pursuing summer associate programs for Black, Hispanic, Native American communities and women.
Date – March
Amount – $35,000

The Page Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports young people of color through Minnesota. Page foundation administers several programs that support people of color. They administer the Page Grant program for students of color enrolled in accredited Minnesota post-secondary educational institutions.
Date – April
Amount – $1,000 to $2,500

California Institute of Technology, known as Caltech, is a private research university out of Pasadena, California. Caltech is famous is for its science and engineering programs. Caltech administers the WAVE fellows program that aims to foster diversity by increasing the participation of underrepresented students in science and engineering programs.
Date – Varies
Amount – $6,620 for 10 weeks + $2,000 for housing.

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBCF) administers a fellowship program that equips early career policy professionals committed to contributing to public policy. This fellowship program is intensive, with 20 months of policy training and leadership development.
Date – Varies
Amount – Varies

POISE Foundation is an organization with a vision to empower the Black community in the Pittsburgh area to be empowered and self-sufficient. Their vision is to assist the Black community in self-sustaining practices through strategic leadership, collective giving, grant-making, and advocacy. To support this mission, POISE administers grant programs
Date – Varies
Amount – $5,000

Other ways African Americans can save

There are many other ways that African American students reduce the cost of higher education. While the below list may reduce the overall cost of higher education, it certainly helps reduce the burden a little bit if you plan it well. Here are more ways that African American students can reduce the overall cost:

Student Discounts – Many businesses offer discounts to students if they provide a valid student ID. For example, – many laptop vendors provide discounted laptops for students. Or software companies offer deep discounts for students. Students can always be on the lookout for such discounts and take advantage of them wherever possible.

Test Fee Waivers – Standardized testing administrators provide a fee waiver for students with a low-income background. Tests such as SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT and others offer discounts or waivers.

Application Cost – Students tend to apply to many universities before they join one. And the cost of just applications is also increasing. If students plan the application process and hear about the admission decision fast, they can save some cost by not applying to other institutions. Students can also use the Common App to apply for multiple institutions from one application.

Assistantships – Many universities offer assistantships to students. Students should always be on the lookout for such opportunities at all departments and offices on the campus.

Tuition reimbursements – Many employers offer partial tuition reimbursement for their employees if they pursue a degree from accredited institutions and are getting an acceptable GPA. Typically, employers a dollar limit each year for their employees for tuition reimbursements. Students check with their employers about any such programs. Suppose the employer does not have any such tuition reimbursement program. In that case, students can always request the supervisor if they can fund any higher education as some managers may have budgets for further education of employees.

FAQs about African American Scholarships, Grants and Fellowships

What are African American scholarships?

African American scholarships are financial aid programs for Blacks/African Americans. These scholarships are administered to African Americans for a wide variety of reasons, such as encouraging diversity, helping historically underrepresented communities, encouraging higher education among African Americans, etc.

Can African American students apply for multiple scholarships?

Yes, African American students can apply for multiple scholarships if the scholarship providers don’t put those restrictions. Some scholarship providers may have such restrictions, and you need to check with specific scholarship programs.

What do scholarship administrators look for in the application before they award?

Scholarship administrators look for the most qualified applicants who fit the selection criteria for their administering scholarships. So, you must be diligent in picking the scholarships that you are applying for. Select scholarships whose mission aligns with your story and make a compelling case about alignment in your application kit.

Is the essay a must for all scholarships?

Most scholarship providers ask for essays, along with the scholarship application kit. However, this is not a must for all scholarships.

What are common mistakes in scholarship applications?

There are many mistakes that students make while submitting scholarship applications. First and foremost, some students do not follow the instructions. This is the most common mistake that scholarship providers find in the application kits that they receive. Secondly, some students do not provide all the material about their background or current financial situation.

How to maximize my chance of landing scholarships?

To maximize your chances of landing scholarships, you need to be extremely careful and diligent in following the scholarship requirements to the letter. On top, you need to tell a compelling story about yourself to the administrators. Read the tips and tricks section to get more information.


Additional Resources for African Americans Students

While this guide is certainly intended to provide information about African American scholarships and students, plenty of others provide more information. These organizations and associations provide an excellent opportunity for African Americans in financial aid opportunities, networking, career, information sources. African American students need to stay in touch with these organizations. Below is a list of such African American resources:

  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities Network: Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Network is a place where African Americans find a comprehensive list of HBCUs across the country, career information, student networks, black students associations, and many more resources. Using the HBCU Network, black students can get information about career events, financial aid opportunities, and other helpful resources.
  • The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education: The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education (JBHE) is a journal that provides information about education in African American communities and other helpful resources for African Americans.
  • United Negro College Fund: United Negro College Fund (UNCF) is an organization that believes in creating an environment in which all Americans have equal access to a college education. UNCF believes that college education prepares students for rich intellectual lives, competitive and fulfilling careers, engaged citizenship, and service to our nation. To support this mission, UNCF provides several scholarships and other resources.
  • HBCU Foundation: Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) Foundation is a non-profit and charitable organization whose aim is to provide scholarships, internships, and career opportunities to deserving students attending Historically Black Colleges Universities.
  • Black Career Network: Black Career Network is a job listings board that provides information about the latest jobs available for African Americans and other minorities.
  • Thurgood Marshall College Fund: Thomas Marshall College Fund (TMCF) is an organization whose mission is to ensure student success by promoting educational excellence and preparing the next generation of workforce talent through leadership development. To support the mission, TMCF provides many scholarships. African Americans can take advantage of this fund for funding their college education.
  • The Best Financial Aid Guide


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