Students who are interested in pursuing Online Chemical Engineering Masters Degrees are often concerned with in-person time commitments that may come with pursuing these programs. Fortunately, a wide range of online master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering exist, and this page will guide you through some of the highest quality and most affordable schools and programs out there. Whether you’re still finishing up your bachelor’s degree, or you’re already working in the chemical engineering field and you’re looking for your next step, any of these programs can offer you the career and personal advancement you seek, and in a format that’s flexible enough to meet your scheduling needs.

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Southern New Hampshire University

PROGRAM: Online Masters Degrees

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit, accredited institution with more than 3,000 on-campus students and over 60,000 online students, making us one of the fastest-growing universities in the country. Founded in 1932, we’ve been relentlessly reinventing higher education ever since and have gained national recognition for our dedication to helping students transform their lives and the lives of those around them.

We’re proud to provide affordable, accessible education that students can pursue on our 300-acre campus in Manchester, NH, over our innovative online platform or at our regional centers in Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth and Salem, NH, and Brunswick, ME.

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Top Online Master’s in Chemical Engineering Programs Online

The biggest question students ask themselves when considering returning to school for graduate education is: how do I know which school is right for me? There’s a lot that goes into picking a school, but we’ve done the legwork for you and picked out 15 of the best online master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering based on graduation rate, cost, and program length. 

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College Name & AddressTuitionGraduation Rate
University Of Virginia
1827 University Avenue, Charlottesville, Virginia 22903-2628
University Of Florida
Tigert Hall, Gainesville, Florida 32611
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue, Villanova, Pennsylvania 19085-1699
Lehigh University
27 Memorial Drive West, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015
Columbia University
West 116 St and Broadway, New York, New York 10027
Stanford University
Stanford, California 94305
University of Southern California
University Park, Los Angeles, California 90089
Rutgers University New Brunswick
83 Somerset St, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901-1281
North Carolina State University
2101 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, North Carolina 27695-7001
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan 48824-1046
Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama 36849
Syracuse University
900 South Crouse Ave., Syracuse, New York 13244
Illinois Institute Of Technology
10 West 35th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60616
Clarkson University
8 Clarkson Ave, Potsdam, New York 13699
Missouri University Of Science And Technology
300 W.13th Street, Rolla, Missouri 65409
Kansas State University
919 Mid-Campus Drive, Anderson Hall, Manhattan, Kansas 66506
University Of Illinois, Chicago
601 S Morgan, Chicago, Illinois 60607
University of North Dame
400 Main Building, Notre Dame, Indiana 46556
Vanderbilt University
2101 West End Avenue, Nashville, Tennessee 37240

Source – Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System & University Data
*Tuition rates are for in-state and per year. Program specific rates may apply.
**NA – data not available

Understanding an Online Master’s in Chemical Engineering Program

Students pursuing an online master’s degree in Chemical Engineering will be receiving the same quality education an in-person student would experience. In these programs, you will hone your mathematical and scientific knowledge to better understand the chemical processes utilized in the production of fuels, fertilizers, drugs, foods, and other chemically-reliant products.  

Common Specializations for an Online Master’s in Chemical Engineering

Master’s degrees often give students the opportunity to focus their study in one particular emphasis. When researching potential schools, you’ll want to make note of the different emphases available for Chemical Engineering. Below you will find a few common emphases within the Chemical Engineering field.

Area of Focus
Materials Engineering and Material ScienceMaterials engineers focus their learning on blending principles of chemistry, physics, and engineering to develop and maintain products used in biotechnology, energy production, and other similar fields.
Process EngineeringRaw materials and resources need to be refined and processed before they can be utilized in a practical manner. Processing engineers will be trained to install and maintain the machinery and operations utilized to achieve these goals.
Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical engineers often handle a wide range of tasks, but most commonly they will be in charge of designing artificial organs and limbs, developing and maintaining medical equipment, and conducting research regarding engineering’s relationship with biological systems.

Online Master’s in Chemical Engineering Admission Requirements

When researching different online master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering, students will need to be aware of the necessary benchmarks they must meet to be permitted to apply. Below are a few common admissions requirements students may come across when researching programs.

  • GPA: Most graduate programs require that students meet a minimum undergraduate GPA before being allowed to apply. This could be a student’s overall undergrad GPA, but may also only focus on GPA from the student’s most recent 60 credits.
  • Work Experience: You’ll want to make note of whether a program is looking for students who have already completed a certain number of work or research hours. If you don’t meet this requirement, you may want to research different schools or postpone applying to grad school until you’ve accomplished this requirement.
  • Valid GRE Scores: The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) isn’t always required for students to be able to apply to graduate school, but many programs are looking for students with valid scores within a certain range.

Curriculum for an Online Master of Chemical Engineering Program

  • Statistical Thermodynamics: The study of statistical thermodynamics trains students to understand how molecular behavior can be applied to understanding and predicting the behavior of large quantities of a compound.
  • Mathematics for Chemical Engineers: Mathematics plays a large role in understanding chemical processes, so it isn’t uncommon for master’s degrees in chemical engineering to incorporate advanced mathematics courses.
  • Chemical Kinetics: This branch of chemistry focuses on understanding and predicting the rate at which a chemical reaction occurs. Kinetics courses help students better understand thermodynamic principles, which measure the direction of energy transference but not the rate.
  • Advanced Transport Phenomena: A course in Advanced Transport Phenomena will train students to understand and address issues relating to energy transference and fluid mechanics.
  • Reactor Design: One of the important courses in chemical engineering is Reactor Design. In this course, students are taught about reactor selection, reactor conditions that affect the outcome of chemical reactions, how to control the reactor conditions using digital computers, and overall operating conditions.
  • Polymer Science: Polymer Science is a field that deals with material science concerning polymers such as plastics and elastomers. In this course, students learn about polymer chemistry and polymer characterization, such as chemical structures, morphology, etc.

Online Master’s in Chemical Engineering Program Length

The most common quality of an academic program that dictates length will be the number of credits that make up that degree. Schools often think of 30 credits as the amount of coursework that can be completed in one year, but this requires students to be enrolled full-time (12 credits or more).

There are certain programs, however, that permit students to work at a part-time rate. This is particularly beneficial for students who are currently employed and can only manage a few courses per semester. This does mean, though, that it will take longer to complete these degrees.

One of the benefits of pursuing a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering in an online format is that online programs put a lot of effort into being flexible. This means that you not only have flexibility in how your coursework is presented, but you’ll often find that you have a lot of scheduling flexibility, as well, allowing you to design your degree in a manner that fits your intended timeframe.

One-Year, Accelerated Chemical Engineering Degrees

Accelerated programs are a great option for students who need to earn their online degree quickly, whether due to professional obligations or other time commitments. To learn more about accelerated graduate programs for chemical engineering students, explore the following schools to learn more:

What can chemical engineers earn?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for chemical engineers is around $109,000 per year with an expected 6% employment increase until 2028.

How to Pay for a Master’s in Chemical Engineering Degree

Figuring out how to pay for graduate education is one of the more stressful aspects of deciding whether to return to school. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of options for students who are looking to lighten the financial burden of graduate education.

Techniques for Financing a Online Master’s in Chemical Engineering


Scholarships are funding packages that are available to students who meet certain qualifications. Scholarships are often only awarded in a single installment, but some scholarships are renewable each semester.


Fellowships are work or research opportunities that are offered to students on a short-term basis to help them pay for their academics. 


Assistantships are similar to fellowships and often provide students with the opportunity to start teaching 100- or 200-level courses to undergraduate students. Students on assistantships often receive financial compensation as well as a tuition waiver.

Scholarships for Online Master’s in Chemical Engineering Students

  • ABC Wildlife Academic Scholarships: ABC Wildlife is an organization that controls and prevents animals in the Chicago area. They believe in diversity in the scientific field, from biology to chemical engineering. To support this mission, ABC life sponsors a scholarship for women in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Chemical Engineering majors qualify to apply for this award. Amount: $1,000 Deadline: July 1
  • American Welding Society Scholarships: American Welding Society (AWS) was founded in 1919 as a non-profit organization with the mission to advance science and technology in the field of welding, cutting processes, brazing, soldering, and thermal spraying. Even today, AWS continues with this mission, and to encourage students to pursue this field, they administer many awards and scholarships for students that pursue this field, which includes chemical engineering. Visit this site to read about various types of awards and scholarships for chemical engineering students. Amount: Varies by Scholarship Deadline: Varies by Scholarship
  • Creative Biolabs Scholarship Program Who Can Apply: This scholarship is available to any student who is pursuing a STEM-focused program at either the graduate or undergraduate level and has maintained at least a 3.0 GPA Amount: $1,000 Deadline: Sep 15
  • Jewels Academy College Scholarship Who Can Apply: Eligible applicants must be female students pursuing a STEM-related field at an accredited institution. Students must also be legal residents of the United States and must have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Amount: $2,500 Deadline: May 7
  • AESF Foundation Scholarships Who Can Apply: This scholarship is available to college juniors, seniors, or students enrolled for a graduate program in a STEM field. Amount: $1,500 Deadline: Feb 28

Resources for Online Master’s in Chemical Engineering Students

In addition to financial assistance, students also have access to a wide range of professional resources that can provide support when looking into a career in a Chemical Engineering field. Below are a few resources that may be useful for these graduate students.

  • IChemE: This organization seeks to advance networking and connectivity among the chemical engineering community and hosts members from over 100 countries around the world.
  • AIChE: Membership with AIChE not only provide students with a connection to a wide network of professionals working in the chemical engineering field, but also with access to some of the most recent research regarding chemical processes and methods.
  • CheResources: This online forum gives chemical engineers a sounding board for any questions they may have regarding their field, as well as a wide range of other resources that can help advance personal knowledge and career prospects.
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