There are various options for higher education in the U.S., and with vast learning avenues, it can be challenging to navigate which degree is a good fit for you and how to enroll in one. After you determine which degree or college you want to apply to, you must evaluate the whole admission process, which could take around 12-18 months on average. Many academic programs can be competitive; therefore, it is a good idea to understand all the finite details of the admission process and get your academic records and other required documents together. According to the new Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Education Department data, colleges where Americans get admitted for postsecondary education usually accept most candidates applying to them[1]. Understanding your admission requirement is necessary not just for your admission to the degree but could also determine if you are eligible for financial assistance like grants, scholarships, assistantships, and more. An applicant who has understood the admission process and requirements well and done their research will have a seamless college admission experience, minimizing the mental fatigue one faces during application.

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