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140 fastest online master’s degrees
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Fastest Online Master’s Degrees
Fastest Online Master Degrees – Details

Fastest Online Master’s Degrees

140 fastest online master’s degrees

It is a common notion that graduating from an online master’s degree will take a few years, and it might be longer if enrolled as a part-time student. But there are some quickest master’s degrees online that let you finish the master’s programs a lot faster than traditional online master’s programs. Given the importance of an online master’s degree and how it helps professionals grow in careers; Time, and cost to graduate from an online master’s program are essential factors. In this guide, we will walk you through the top 40 schools with nearly 140 fastest online master’s degrees from accredited institutions.

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What are the fastest online master’s degree programs?

Here is our list of schools that offer the fastest online master’s degree programs:

  1. University of Alabama
  2. Southern New Hampshire University
  3. University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley
  4. University of North Texas
  5. University of Texas Permian Basin
  6. California Baptist University
  7. Arkansas State University
  8. Ball State University
  9. Anderson University
  10. Baker University
  11. Colorado State University
  12. Frostburg State University
  13. Auburn University
  14. California State University, East Bay
  15. Boston University
  16. Indiana Wesleyan University
  17. Northeastern University
  18. Fontbonne University
  19. Benedictine University
  20. Central Washington University
  21. Stetson University
  22. Saint Leo University
  23. Lincoln Christian University
  24. University of New England
  25. University of Findlay
  26. Capella University
  27. Lamar University
  28. Castleton University
  29. Walden University
  30. Wheeling Jesuit University
  31. Cumberland University
  32. Greenville University
  33. University of Miami
  34. Concordia University, Portland
  35. Trine University
  36. Clarkson University
  37. Campbellsville University
  38. University of Charleston
  39. Independence University
  40. Southwestern College

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FAQs about Fastest Masters Programs Online

Masters Degree

Are the fastest online master’s degree programs accredited?

Yes, all the programs in this guide are accredited.

online masters schools

Is the coursework hard?

If you spend dedicate time towards the coursework, it is not hard at all. The schools are offering these accelerated online masters programs set up curricula to be reasonable for students to finish quickly. But dedication and efforts are needed.

fast-online programs

Are the fast-online programs taught synchronously or asynchronously?

It varies from program to program. Some programs rely on online tools like a blackboard to provide course material to students and expect students to follow the instructions. Some programs want you to participate in a web conference call to attend sessions.

duration of fast-online master's programs

What the duration of these programs?

We have listed dozens of programs here that are of varying timelines. The lengths of the listed here are 12 to 21 months.

affordable fastest online master's programs

Are the fastest online master’s programs affordable?

Yes, some of these programs are very affordable. The average graduate tuition fees per year (in-state) are listed.

fasters online master's programs with quality degrees

Are the fastest online master’s degrees maintain high standards?

Yes, these accelerated programs maintain high standards. In fact, all of these programs are from reputed universities, and they are accredited.

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Fastest Online Master’s Degrees – Details

In this section, you can find out the details of the top 40 schools offering nearly 140 fastest online masters programs. You can read through the graduation rates, tuition fees along with how long you will need to finish the program. Our rankings methodology includes several factors such as tuition fees, graduation rates, the reputation of the programs, teacher-student ratio, and the flexibility of the programs.

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University of Alabama

University of North Texas

University of Texas Permian Basin

Arkansas State University

Ball State University

Anderson University

Baker University

Colorado State University

Frostburg State University

Auburn University

California State University, East Bay

Indiana Wesleyan University

Fontbonne University

Benedictine University

Central Washington University

Stetson University

Saint Leo University

Lincoln Christian University

University of New England

University of Findlay

Capella University

Lamar University

Castleton University

Walden University

Wheeling Jesuit University

Cumberland University

Greenville University

University of Miami

Concordia University, Portland

Trine University

Campbellsville University

University of Charleston

Independence University

Southwestern College

Source Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System & University Data
*Tuition rates are for in-state and per year. Program specific rates may apply.
**NA – data not available

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