Hey there, shutterbugs! Are you ready to show your creativity through your lens this winter?

Announcing the “My University Life in Winter: Through My Lens” photo contest. Enter now and win an exciting prize!

What’s the contest?

OMC is hosting an exciting contest for students brimming with creativity! Take photos of something you love at your university during the winter—like a favorite spot, a building, or anything meaningful to you. Add a short paragraph to your photos about why these places matter (to you) or how they make you feel.

What’s the reward?

  • GoPro HERO12 Black Creator Edition – Includes HERO12 Black, Volta (Battery Grip, Tripod, Remote), Media Mod, Light Mod, Enduro Battery, and Carrying Case Worth $599
  • Get featured on onlinemasterscolleges.com/photo-contest and OMC’s social media.

Who can participate

  • The contest is open to currently enrolled university students in the U.S.
  • Participants must be registered and attending a recognized university during the contest period.
  • International students studying in the USA are also eligible to participate.
  • Specific individuals, such as judges, contest organizers, university employees, or their immediate family members, are ineligible.

When you can participate

Submissions will be accepted from 00:01, January 23rd, 2024 to 23:59, April 12th, 2024.

Submit your entry by filling out the Contest Form (click/tap the “I WANT TO WIN!” button below). Include your photo and a short paragraph, as specified in the form. You must only use the university-provided email for entry submission.

How your submission will be evaluated

A panel of OMC-selected judges will assess all entries, selecting finalists according to the following criteria:

  • Creativity & Artistic Merit (25%)
  • Composition & Arrangement (25%)
  • Artistic Merit & Technical Quality  (25%)
  • Relevancy & University Representation (15%)
  • Story & Impact  (10%)

The judges’ decisions are final.

Submission Guidelines

  • Each participant is allowed only one entry for the contest from the email your university has provided to maintain fairness and accuracy.
  • Only 1 (one) photo may be entered per person.
  • Photos must be taken on or around your university’s campus.
  • The submitted photos must be your original work.
  • Minor editing and filters are allowed but heavily edited or modified photos will be disqualified.
  • The photos must be submitted digitally in high-resolution JPG, PNG, or PDF format with a minimum size of 1 MB and minimum resolution of 2500px x 2000px.
  • The photos must be labeled with your name as the file name. (For example, if the student’s name is “James Logan,” the photo should be titled “jameslogan.jpg or jameslogan.png.”
  • Add the contact information, including your email address, and a short paragraph about how things or places at the university during winter make you feel. The uploaded file must include the photo’s title and the contributor’s name.
  • Submit written paragraphs as text in the form.
  • Mandatory: Share your image with the piece of content on your social media accounts using the hashtags #omcphotocontest #winterphotography and tag @onlinemasterscolleges on your post.

Dos & Don’ts

  • Do not submit any photos that infringe on others’ rights.
  • Do not submit AI-generated or someone else’s pictures, or download them and claim them as yours. Any evidence of plagiarism or the use of pre-existing/generated images may lead to disqualification from the contest.
  • Prioritize safety while capturing photos and adhere to all your university’s safety regulations. Respect privacy, avoid restricted areas, and follow campus guidelines.
  • Your photos must not capture any sensitive or confidential information or areas that are off-limits or restricted.
  • Ensure that your submissions comply with the university’s policies, including those related to photography, social media, and general conduct.

How you will be notified

The winners will be notified via email by April 18th, 2024.

The results will be published on OMC’s website and social media accounts.

Important:  Participants must have permission from any recognizable people appearing in the photos. Don’t forget to read all the contest dos, don’ts, terms, and conditions before you whip out that camera!



From the Photographer: “This photo transports me back to my college days when I spent countless hours on the football ground. One vivid memory is a late afternoon match where we fought against all odds to secure a win. The sun was setting, casting long shadows on the field, and teammates’ cheers echoed in my ears. That sense of shared victory and the camaraderie forged on that very ground is what I cherish. This photo captures not just a place but a piece of my own history, a mosaic of triumphs, and the enduring spirit of teamwork.”

We’re excited to see what you will send in! Good luck!

Terms & Conditions

Online Masters Colleges is also called OMC.


OMC retains unlimited rights to use (or remove) submitted photos and/or texts for promotional purposes at its discretion. By submitting photos, the participant grants a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, and distribute the images for promotional and non-commercial purposes with proper credit.


OMC is not responsible for lost, damaged, or mislabeled entries. OMC reserves the right to cancel or modify the contest if necessary and is not liable for any issues arising from said cancellation or modifications.


Participants grant OMC permission to use their name, likeness, and entry for promotional purposes without further compensation. All personal information submitted will be used solely for administering the contest and will not be shared or sold.

Governing Law

This contest and its terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of Nevada. Any disputes will be handled in the courts of Nevada.

Tax Liability

Should the contest winner be eligible to pay any tax for receiving the prize, the participant will bear such tax liability and pay the requisite taxes. OMC is not responsible for the winner’s tax liability or other governmental dues resulting from the prize.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall OMC be liable for indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from the entrant’s participation in the contest. OMC’s liability shall be limited to the value of the prize offered.

Changes to Contest

OMC reserves the right to make any necessary changes to the contest it deems necessary. This may include changes to the rules, disqualification of entries that do not meet guidelines, or cancellation of the contest should causes/occurrences beyond OMC’s control impair the administration, security, or proper execution of the contest. (Participants will be notified of any changes.)


If any provision of these rules is deemed invalid, the remaining provisions will remain in effect.

Release and Indemnification

By entering the content, the participant releases and agrees to hold harmless OMC and its trustees, affiliates, employees, and agents from any liability, illness, injury, death, loss, litigation, or damage that may occur directly or indirectly, from participation in the contest or use or misuse of any prize.

By submitting an entry to this contest, you (the participant) affirm that you have read, understood, and agree to all rules, terms, conditions, disclaimers, and legal clauses stated herein.