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One Year Masters Programs Online

1-year master’s programs online

The age-old saying “time equals money” rings true in today’s fast-paced world. Time is of the essence in any field and is especially so for professionals who are looking to jumpstart or advance their careers. Without a doubt, one of the ways to have an active and well-paying career is to build it on a solid foundation of a master’s degree. And while a master’s degree adorns a professional resume, it will also provide an edge over competing candidates when seeking a job or promotion, tilting the scales in one’s favor.

Be that as it may, in most cases, professionals do not have the time to research universities, enroll in programs, and travel to on-campus schools to attend classes, either full-time or in the evenings. Fortunately, with the advent of online education, many universities are now offering affordable master’s degrees that are taught entirely or partially online.

Although graduating from an online master’s degree can take more than a couple of years, universities have increasingly tailored their curricula and program formats to offer online one year master’s degree programs. To save interested and prospective graduate students the trouble of having to research which universities offer such one year master’s programs, our experts at OMC have carefully checked, assessed, and put together a list of the best and most affordable top schools that present the option to pursue a 1-year accelerated online master’s.

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What are the 1-Year Master’s Programs Online?

Here is a list of 1-year master’s degree programs that can be completed online:

  1. Online Masters in Accounting
  2. Online Masters in Education
  3. Online Masters in Criminal Justice
  4. Online Masters in Health Sciences
  5. Online Masters in Management
  6. Online Masters in Communication
  7. Online Masters in Public Health
  8. Online Masters in Psychology
  9. Online Masters in Computer Science
  10. Online Masters in Social Work

Which Colleges Offer 1-Year Master’s Programs Online?

Here is our list of top 25 schools that offer 1-year master’s degree programs online:

  1. University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley
  2. University of Texas Permian Basin
  3. University of North Texas
  4. California Baptist University
  5. Arkansas State University
  6. Ball State University
  7. Capella University
  8. Auburn University
  9. Anderson University
  10. California State University, East Bay
  11. Frostburg State University
  12. Northeastern University
  13. Boston University
  14. Stetson University
  15. University of Findlay
  16. Central Washington University
  17. Fontbonne University
  18. Saint Leo University
  19. Lamar University
  20. Walden University
  21. Cumberland University
  22. Greenville University
  23. Concordia University, Portland
  24. Trine University
  25. Clarkson University

Featured Online Programs

What Exactly is a 1-Year Master’s Degree Online?

  • It is almost always online and not on-campus.
  • The coursework is typically the same as on-campus programs.
  • Evenings, weekends, and holidays are usually when classes take place.
  • Programs tend to be rigorous and fast-paced.
  • The time to graduate is usually an average of 12 months.

The 1-Year Master’s Degree Conundrum

Many graduate students have to deal with the dilemma of “should I, or shouldn’t I” when considering one year master’s degrees online. This decision can be a hard one to make but largely depends on the individual’s personal needs and professional goals. Asking oneself the following few questions should help in deciding whether 1-year master’s degrees are suitable or not:

  • Do I really need to do a 1-year accelerated online master’s (instead of a 2-year program)?
  • In all probability, I will have to sacrifice my evenings, weekends, and holidays for one year accelerated programs online. Am I okay with that?
  • Will I be able to manage my personal life (friends, family, kids, pastimes, routines, etc.) and balance it with my studies?
  • Am I certain why I want to pursue a one year accelerated online master’s program? Or am I just doing it because someone told me to do so?
  • Will my 1-year graduate degree help me advance my career or get a promotion?

If, after deliberation, the answer to any of these questions is a firm ‘no’, read our FAQs to clarify any doubt, or seek help from a mentor or someone who has completed a 1-year accelerated online program, to help with this important decision.

Pros & Cons of 1 Year Masters Program Online

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of one year online master’s degrees:


  • Affordability
  • Flexibility
  • Shorter Time to Graduate
  • Knowledge & Skill Enhancement
  • Career Advantages (Salary & Advancement)


  • Probable Lack of In-Depth Studies
  • Could be Demanding & Rigorous
  • Fewer Networking Opportunities

Why One Year Masters Programs?

One of the most compelling reasons to pursue 1 year degree programs online is the duration of the program. In as little as 12 months, students can graduate, complete with a degree certificate in hand, and go on to further their studies or careers, armed with more knowledge and skill. Working professionals who wish to improve their education and credentials to advance in their careers need not devote years of their lives to attend evening or weekend classes and tight rope between their studies and work.

Flexibility is another good reason to enroll for 1 year online master’s programs, with colleges being lenient and malleable with time, coursework, and other study requirements. Here are some of the reasons why a one year accelerated online program would make a good choice:

  • Complete the program and graduate in 1 year, which can make time for other options.
  • Gain additional knowledge and acquire new skills in the current profession.
  • Open possibilities for a career shift.
  • Learn something new to have an edge over coworkers.
  • Learn for personal enjoyment or fulfillment.
  • Improve chances of getting a better salary or advancing in the profession.

The goal of 1 Year Masters Programs Online

The main goal of a 1 year accelerated online program is to provide students and working professionals the opportunity to complete their master’s degrees in the least possible time and thereby enable them to take up further studies earlier, start up a business soon after, jump right into a career or advance it, or increase their earning potential as well. These programs are designed to be flexible and affordable while offering similar coursework and academic/learning outcomes as traditional programs.

Online master’s degrees provide students with more advanced and practical knowledge in their field of study. Students gain the necessary knowledge and immerse themselves in what actually interests them. Apart from this, they go on to improve their research and communication abilities and increase their job prospects and earning potential considerably.

Accreditation for 1 Year Masters Programs Online

Accreditation not only validates a program’s expected high standards and quality but also assures that certain set requirements are always met, lending the program and/or college enormous credibility. Whether seeking further education or entering the employment market, accreditation becomes a prerequisite more often than not.

While many one year master’s programs are accredited programmatically by recognized independent accrediting bodies, some programs may (also) be accredited regionally. It is always recommended for students to learn and understand everything there is to know about accreditation by reading our Accreditation Guide, and also preferably opt for programs that are either programmatically or regionally accredited, or both.

Programmatic accreditation is typically awarded by independent agencies in the relevant area of study, but some regional accreditation to look for are:

FAQs about 1 Year Masters Programs Online

Masters Degree

What are the various one year online master’s programs available?

Many universities offer one year online master’s accelerated programs in Finance, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Humanities, Psychology, Health Sciences, Accounting, Business, Education, and more.

online masters schools

Is it easy to do a 1-year master?

Easy or not, entirely depends on the student’s aptitude, academic prowess, dedication, etc., besides which another determinant of this is the one year online master in question – the subject and included coursework.

one-year online master’s programs

Are the one-year degree programs accredited?

Yes, all the 1-year online master’s programs listed in this guide are accredited by recognized, independent, accrediting bodies. It is always recommended that students look for accreditation when looking to enroll in a program.

one-year online master’s degree

Do one-year degree programs maintain high quality?

Absolutely! All the 1 year master’s degree programs listed in this guide maintain high quality. Not only are they accredited, but they are also as rigorous as their on-campus programs, often sharing identical coursework.

one-year online master’s programs expensive

Are the one-year online master’s programs widely accepted by employers?

Yes, most employers look at the accreditation of the university from which students have graduated, and the one year online master’s programs listed here are accredited and accepted by employers.

online master’s degree in 12 months

Can I still work while getting a one-year online master?

Yes, one can work full-time while pursuing one year accelerated programs. But it is important to note that the school work will be intense, and students will have to devote their evenings and weekends to keep up with these fast-paced programs.

one-year online master’s programs expensive

Is a one-year graduate degree expensive?

Not necessarily. Some of the 1-year online master’s programs charge the same fees as regular online degree programs. However, students are advised to plan their courses well, as some courses are usually not offered in the summer semester or may have higher tuition in summer semesters.

It is also possible to split the coursework into regular semesters and plan well enough, to get away with paying the same fee.

online master’s degree in 12 months

Is there a difference between 1-year degree programs and 2-year online master’s?

Although the exact answer to this question hinges on the college and the structure of the graduate degree, by and large, both programs are identical on several fronts. One stand-out exception, however, is the length of the program.

one-year online master’s programs expensive

What are the payment options for one year online accelerated programs?

As with traditional and on-campus programs, 1-year online degree programs can be funded through scholarships,grants,FAFSA, or student loans.

online master’s degree in 12 months

Is it possible to earn more money after graduating from one year master’s degree online programs?

That entirely depends on the degree and chosen industry. But overall, history has shown that any master’s degree, including a 1-year accelerated master’s, can increase job opportunities, yield better pay, and improve the scope for promotions and advancement.

one-year online master’s programs expensive

Is a 1-year accelerated master’s worth it?

For better career prospects and for those who are already working and even have a family life, yes, one year accelerated programs are certainly worth pursuing.

online master’s degree in 12 months

Are there one year master’s programs that do not require GRE or GMAT?

Yes, several colleges offer 1-year master’s programs online no GRE or GMAT. In most cases, this requirement has been waived for the 2023 intake, while some colleges require applicants to have considerable work experience to enjoy this waiver.

one-year online master’s programs expensive

Getting an online master’s degree in 12 months seems unreal. Is it possible?

Yes, it does seem unreal, but it is certainly possible to earn a master’s degree if the individual is up for the challenge of pursuing a 1-year master’s degree online, considering they tend to be demanding and rigorous.

online master’s degree in 12 months

Where can I find 1-year online master’s programs?

Across the United States, an increasing number of universities have one year master’s programs to offer. Some of the top universities are listed on this page.

Find Online Master’s Program By Subject

1 Year Master’s Online Programs – Options

1 year Master’s online programs are now available in a wide range of disciplines, spanning health sciences to Psychology, and more. In almost all cases, the program is structured in such a way that earning a master’s degree takes only about 12 months and includes coursework that is usually identical to what traditional, on-campus programs offer. The faculty too is often the same for both online and offline formats, as well as 1 year and ‘full-length’ online programs.

Whether or not an individual is a seasoned working professional, or has recently started on a career, one year online master’s degrees offer incredible value and benefits that are comparable to their two-year counterparts. Here are a few popular and often sought one year online master’s degrees:


Accounting is a fundamental operation in any organization. It requires complete and in-depth knowledge of accounting practices, financial laws, taxation, and compliance rules, complemented with skills in number-crunching. A graduate degree in accounting can allow accountants the opportunity to advance their knowledge and seek better-paying jobs in the industry.

Typical coursework includes:

  • Tax Research
  • Federal Income Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders
  • U.S. Taxation of Multinational Transactions
  • Accounting for Multi-Unit Enterprises
  • Strategic Management Accounting
  • Analysis and Design of Enterprise Systems
  • Accounting for Multiunit Enterprises
  • Advanced Enterprise Database Systems
  • Operation Management Accounting
  • Accounting Analytics
  • Organizational Leadership


Master’s online programs in Education  (Master’s in Education) is an excellent option for teachers, educators, coaches, and individuals from other sectors as well, to develop their leadership and pedagogy, and move on to rich and engaging careers working with children, adolescents, and young adults.

This one year accelerated master’s is usually better suited for those who are already in the field of education and instruction. However, others who are interested in education-related careers can also consider a Master of Education program.

Typical coursework of a Master’s in Education includes:

  • Learning Design, Innovation, and Technology
  • Human Development and Education
  • Education Leadership, Organizations, and Entrepreneurship
  • Education Policy and Analysis
  • Teaching and Educational Leadership
  • Electronic Assessment for Teaching and Learning
  • Technology and Educational Leadership
  • Teaching and Learning K-12 Social Studies
  • Education Finance and Policy
  • Teaching School Subject Matter with Technology
  • Teaching Students Online
  • Classroom and Behavior Management in the Inclusive Classroom
  • Psychology of Classroom Discipline & Educational Leadership
  • Accommodating Differences in Literacy Learners
  • Writing Assessment and Instruction
  • Language Diversity and Literacy Instruction and Assessment
  • Engaging Diverse Students and Families
  • Leading Teacher Learning
  • Program Planning and Evaluation in Postsecondary Contexts
  • Secondary Reading Assessment and Instruction
  • Curriculum in Its Social Context
  • Diverse Learners and Learning Subject Matter
  • Teaching Science for Understanding
  • Elementary Reading Assessment and Instruction

Criminal Justice

The one-year accelerated master’s in Criminal Justice focuses on both practical skills and theoretical knowledge that is centered around the US criminal justice system and policies. Among a host of other subjects, students of a typical Master of Science in Criminal Justice program learn the theoretical foundations of crime control and are best suited for those who want to progress to careers in the FBI, CIA, or other federal security agencies.

Typical coursework includes:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminology
  • Research Methods in Criminal Justice
  • Applied Statistics in Criminal Justice
  • Correctional Theory and Policy
  • Correctional Rehabilitation
  • Community Corrections
  • Police Effectiveness
  • Theory and Practice of Crime Prevention
  • Theory and Practice of Law Enforcement
  • Applied Crime Prevention
  • Introduction to Crime Mapping
  • Computer Criminology: Cybercrime and Digital Security
  • Terrorism and Homeland Security
  • Seminar in White-Collar Crime
  • Biosocial Factors in Serial Offending

Health Sciences

Online programs of Master of Science in Health Sciences strengthen a student’s capacity to progress their research interests in health and equip a new generation of researchers to understand and respond to contemporary health challenges. These interdisciplinary 1 year accelerated programs provide opportunities for those interested in health to explore, research, and learn from a wide range of topics, spanning but not limited to biomedical, epidemiological, community health, and eco-health.

Many colleges offer concentrations in Emergency Medical Care, Health Education, Healthcare Administration, Health Management Nutrition, and more, in this program.

Typical coursework includes:

  • Introduction to Research Methods in Education
  • Introduction to Health Systems
  • Biostatistics in Public Health
  • Research Methods in Health and Human Sciences
  • Educational Statistics
  • Family Theories
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Rehabilitation Theories and Applications
  • Theories of Child Development
  • Healthcare Administration


The Masters in Management online is a postgraduate degree that is targeted towards individuals who have just graduated or who are relatively new in their careers. This one year accelerated master’s provides comprehensive knowledge about varied management streams such as Finance, Marketing, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management, etc., and is best suited for those who want to switch streams early in life or want to foray into the field of management.

One of the most popular master’s programs in the field of management is the Master of Business Administration, or MBA program.

Typical coursework includes:

  • Business Strategy and Firm Leadership
  • Managing Business Operations in a Global Environment
  • Fundamentals of Behavior in Organizations
  • Economics for Successful Firm Management
  • Performance Evaluation through Cost Management
  • Management of Information Technology
  • Financial Reporting and Firm Analysis
  • Financial Management in a Global Environment
  • Marketing and Firm Performance
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Statistical Analysis for Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Project Management


1 year accelerated programs in Communication teach students how to produce and disseminate information through public speaking, writing, and digital media. Some online Master of Science in Communications programs allow students to specialize in a particular discipline of communication, such as public relations or political communication, while also teaching the advanced skills required to manage a team or obtain leadership roles.

Typical coursework includes:

  • Visual Communication Design
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media and Marketing Communication
  • Global Marketing and Advertising
  • Marketing and Communication Strategies
  • Multi-Channel Communications

Public Health

The Master of Public Health is a professional degree that will prepare students to solve public health problems in professional environments such as local, state, or national public health agencies and health care organizations by using professional disciplinary approaches and methodologies. This one year master’s degree online covers the whole breadth of public health, encompassing low, middle, and high-income countries.

Typical coursework includes:

  • Biostatistics
  • Community Health Sciences
  • Epidemiology
  • Environmental Health Sciences
  • Health Policy and Management


The 1 year accelerated master’s in Psychology gives students a broad understanding of human behavior, along with the fundamental principles of the psychology field. Structured by a clinical framework, the program exposes students to essential psychological theory and practice that will enable them to enter the human services field, advance their career in a related field, or pursue doctoral study in psychology.

Typical coursework includes:

  • Industrial-Organizational Psychology
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Health Disorders
  • Interpersonal Skills and Group Therapy
  • Trauma in Diverse Populations
  • Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Career Development Theory Techniques
  • Techniques of Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Advanced Research and Scholarly Writing
  • Clinical Interventions with Children, Adults, and Adolescents

Computer Science

The Master of Computer Science program is intended for people who wish to broaden and deepen their understanding of computer science, develop skills and acquire the knowledge necessary to pursue doctoral studies or a professional career in the rapidly changing and advancing computing, technology, and artificial intelligence fields. In most cases, one year accelerated programs in this subject offer several tracks and concentrations to choose from.

Typical coursework includes:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Networks
  • Bio-visualization
  • Operating Systems
  • Machine Learning
  • Programming Language Design
  • Database Management Systems

Social Work

A Master’s in Social Work enables students to understand and address a wide range of social issues, including juvenile justice, poverty, substance abuse, violence against minorities, ex-offender rehabilitation, housing discrimination, immigration issues, and others. Through this one year master’s program, students will be equipped for careers in a wide variety of fields, including community-based healthcare, healthcare administration, public policy, mental health counseling, child protection, hospital care coordination, and advocacy.

Typical coursework includes:

  • Introduction to Social Work Research
  • Human Behavior in the Social Environment
  • Foundations of Social Work Practice I
  • History and Philosophy of Social Work and Social Welfare
  • Organizational Leadership
  • American Racism and Social Work Practice
  • Project Management

Universities that offer 1 Year Master’s Programs Online – Details

Several universities offer accelerated programs that can be finished in one year. Our rankings methodology includes several factors such as tuition fees, graduation rates, the reputation of the college, teacher-student ratio, and the flexibility of the programs. Here is a list of the top 25 schools that offer accredited online one-year master’s programs.

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University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley

University of Texas Permian Basin

University of North Texas

California Baptist University

Arkansas State University

Ball State University

Capella University

Auburn University

Anderson University

California State University, East Bay

Frostburg State University

Northeastern University

Boston University

Stetson University

University of Findlay

Central Washington University

Fontbonne University

Saint Leo University

Lamar University

Walden University

Cumberland University

Greenville University

Concordia University, Portland

Trine University

Clarkson University

Source Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System & University Data
*Tuition rates are for in-state and per year. Program specific rates may apply.
**NA – data not available

Additional Resources for 1 Year Masters Programs Online Graduate Students

It is important for those considering or already pursuing 1 year online master’s degree programs to amass as much information as possible, to help make informed decisions. OMC has comprehensive sections on a variety of aspects related to one year master’s programs that offer complete information and deeper insights while addressing some doubts as well. Here are a few resources for students earning a master’s degree to get started:

  1. Accelerated Online MBA Programs Learn all there is to know about how accelerated online Master of Business Administration programs work and the various concentrations and specializations available for business administration students to consider, vis-à-vis a 2-year Master of Business Administration. Understand how coursework in an accelerated online MBA program, such as supply chain management, human resource management, and project management.
  2. 1 Year Online MBA Programs Stay updated with the latest information on 1-year Master of Business Administration programs, complete with what an online MBA program is all about, the latest developments in the world of business administration, the pros and cons of 1 year programs, the best colleges to do a Master of Business Administration degree, and more.
  3. Easiest Online Masters Degrees Students who think they are academically weak and are not set on earning a degree in a specific discipline can head to read about the different online master’s degrees that are easy to complete. Many such degrees are 1-year online master’s programs.
  4. Most Affordable Online Masters Programs Cost is of course a crucial factor when considering a master’s degree. Guides on scholarships, grants, FAFSA will certainly help, but students will do well to discover and learn about some of the most affordable 1-year accelerated master’s programs in the United States.
  5. Best Online Masters Programs Students who have not yet decided on what master’s degree to pursue and do not care much for cost, location, subject, and other such factors, should look at some of the best online master’s programs various universities have to offer, many of which are 1-year online master’s degree programs.
  6. Free Masters Programs Some universities do offer free 1-year online master’s programs. Find out which universities offer free programs, how and why, and any caveats there may be for students to bear in mind.
  7. Online Masters No GRE Programs One of the most popular choices among graduate students – read all about online master’s No GRE programs, different admission requirements, and how graduate students can apply to such online 1-year masters no GRE programs.

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