Gaining a specialization in education with a master’s degree is a key to unlock the door of advancing in the career. This is because masters provide in-depth knowledge and understanding and speak for your credibility and expertise in that particular field. In the business landscape, differentiating yourself from the other competitors is a crucial task and choosing MBA supply chain management online is the smartest decision you could ever make. Supply chain management is a popular concentration in MBA; the number of students aspiring to pursue MBA supply chain management onlineis escalating in recent times. It’s because this program offers a competitive edge in an ocean of candidates.

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Southern New Hampshire University

PROGRAM: Online MBA in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit, accredited institution with more than 3,000 on-campus students and over 60,000 online students, making us one of the fastest-growing universities in the country. Founded in 1932, we’ve been relentlessly reinventing higher education ever since and have gained national recognition for our dedication to helping students transform their lives and the lives of those around them.

We’re proud to provide affordable, accessible education that students can pursue on our 300-acre campus in Manchester, NH, over our innovative online platform or at our regional centers in Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth and Salem, NH, and Brunswick, ME.

SNHU has earned the Best Buy and Best of Business – Best Online Degree awards and is consistently ranked as a top Military Friendly® School by G.I Jobs®.

Best MBA Supply Chain Management Online Programs

Depending upon the course of study, quality assessment, placement success, and student selectivity, the overall rank differs. The help you find the best MBA supply chain management program, refer the table which is given below:

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College Name & AddressTuitionGraduation Rate
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Ave, Boston, Massachusetts 02115
Syracuse University
900 South Crouse Ave., Syracuse, New York 13244
University of Texas, Dallas
800 West Campbell Road, Richardson, Texas 75080
University of Arkansas
Administration Bldg 425, Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701
Ball State University
2000 University Ave, Muncie, Indiana 47306
Pennsylvania State University
128 Outreach Building, University Park, Pennsylvania 16802-1503
Johnson & Wales University
8 Abbott Park Pl, Providence, Rhode Island 02903
University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
800 W Main St, Whitewater, Wisconsin 53190
Arizona State University
University Drive and Mill Avenue, Tempe, Arizona 85287
University of St. Francis
2701 Spring St, Fort Wayne, Indiana 46808
Governors State University
1 University Pky, University Park, Illinois 60484
Saint Leo University
33701 State Road 52, Saint Leo, Florida 33574
Liberty University
1971 University Blvd, Lynchburg, Virginia 24515
University of West Florida
11000 University Parkway, Pensacola, Florida 32514
University of Houston, Downtown
1 Main Street, Houston, Texas 77002-1014

Source – Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System & University Data
*Tuition rates are for in-state and per year. Program specific rates may apply.
**NA – data not available

Understanding an Online MBA in Healthcare Management Program

The MBA in supply chain management deals with active management of customer’s requests, starting with obtaining the raw materials and ending with getting a finished product/service ready for the customer. Supply chain management can be described as the management of the flow of materials & products, and it includes all the processes that transform raw materials into final products.”

Specializations for MBA in Supply Chain Management

Even though Supply Chain is a broad field in itself, it has seven primary branches. 

Logistics Management Logistics Management is the part of SCM which works on right from planning to implementing. It controls the storage of goods & services, effective & efficient – forward and reverse flow, and other related information of origin and consumption required to meet the customer’s expectations. Logistics and supply chain MBA integrates all the activities and functions like sales manufacturing, information technology, marketing, finance, etc.
Operations Management Operation management is nothing but managing the resources to produce and then deliver the goods and services. It consists of various stages like sourcing, producing, distributing, and working on after-sales. The online MBA operations management prepares you to execute essential decisions on which the operation manager works.
ProcurementProcurement is like a process that deals with obtaining the business model’s goods needed by your organization. SCM then turns these goods into service/product and distributes it efficiently to the customers. Ultimately, the procurement process is for maximizing the profit for the organization.
Inventory ManagementAn MBA in inventory management deals with maintaining the storage of goods, controlling and overseeing customers’ and suppliers’ purchases, and keeping control of the amount of order fulfillment and product sale. It is basically like supervising the inventory, stock, and non-capitalized assets.
Production ManagementProduction management is an integral part of any system. Production is only possible when the other components of SCM are in sync with each other. MBA production management colleges focus on teaching how to plan, supply goods, and maintain inventory. The production process is followed by a few tests, packaging process, and preparation of delivery for the finished product.
ManufacturingManufacturing produces products for sale using chemicals, machines, biological processing, and a few tools. MBA manufacturing has received much attention because of the companies which move the production operation overseers. Manufacturing plays a vital role in the US economy as most product companies – right from food to cars will continue manufacturing in the US.
Warehouse ManagementWarehousing or warehouse management is associated with storing goods and materials. MBA warehouse management includes identification, verification, inspection, receipt, retrieval for the issue, and putting away. To fulfill the customers’ expectations righteously – that is the right product at the right time, proper handling and managing the storage is a crucial task.

Curriculum and Skills Gained in MBA Supply Chain Management Program

The MBA supply chain management courses provide great exposure in learning the fundamentals of SCM and building a solid foundation of business principles. It will teach you the apt way to use analytics effectively to improve the operations’ effectiveness and make SCM a competitive edge source. It also helps the students analyze the interaction and relation between the partners in the supply chain through legal and ethical perspectives, evaluate how the individual processes affect the supply chain, and interpret an effective supply chain’s advantage and interrelation.

Not limited to this, the students also gain business knowledge and technical skills, which are expected of any traditional MBA supply chain management course. An MBA in supply chain management provides students with a framework that helps them think more critically, approach compounded challenges in the workplace, and work more collaboratively. With an MBA supply chain management coursethe students will have the ability to make decisions through an organizational perspective and system thinking and emerge as the agile and well-rounded business professionals.

Accreditation for MBA Supply Chain Management Online Programs

Accreditation is one of the essential points to be considered by any aspiring graduate student. The universities and colleges go through a long and in-depth procedure to earn accreditation. The accreditation speaks for the quality of the university and the standards of the education provided. In the world of business universities, schools, or colleges, the three big international accreditation bodies are:

  • Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business (AACSB): AACSB is the globally recognized Business Accreditation. To get accreditation approval, schools require to showcase serious commitment to maintaining, implementing, and developing a high level of quality education.
  • Quality Improvement System (EQUIS): EQUIS is the most promising accreditation system for management and business school. In terms of programs, governance, faculty, students, research, internationalism, responsibility, ethics, engagement with the world of practice, and sustainability, EQUIS Accreditation benchmarks the school against such international standards and promises a rigorous control system.
  • European Foundation for Management Development’s (EFMD): Be it face-to-face, online, or blended provision, EFMD is the most specific program accreditation for management and business schools. It is a peer-reviewed program and is internationally recognized

AACSB Online MBA supply chain management programs will provide good education since AACSB is the world’s largest business education alliance.

Timeline for graduation from MBA Supply Chain Management Online Programs

The supply chain management MBA takes about two years for the students to complete. Several factors affect the amount of time required for students to complete the program. Students have two choices – either they can be a part-time student or a full-time student. Part-time students can expect to require more than two years to complete their MBA supply chain management online. Most of the Supply chain management MBA degrees need around 45 credits – it may vary depending upon the program. If the student wishes to finish the degree sooner, most programs allow students to take summer credits or double credits.

MBA Supply Chain Management Online Admission Requirements

Online programs usually have a rigorous admission process as compared to the programs which are on-campus. The students preferring online programs need to submit the in-depth application documents and materials. This process helps to know if a student is prepared to take up all the responsibilities of studying online. 

A Bachelor’s Degree is an essential criterion for MBA supply chain management online programThe students are required to submit their official transcripts along with the application.

A minimum GPA requirement should be met by the students, usually between 2.5 to 3.0. A few programs also prefer a good GRE or GMAT score.

Professional experience is not a critical factor for MBA supply chain management online program. However, a few programs might ask for expertise related to the program.

Documents required: Transcripts, letter of recommendation, test scores.

How to Pay for MBA Supply Chain Management Programs

It might get tough for a few students to pay the tuition fees while being associated with the MBA supply chain management online. However, there are many financial aid and opportunities which students can avail while pursuing their Master’s.

FAFSA is the first step to obtain financial aid for school. The students can complete the free application for Federal Student Aid, determining if they are eligible for the federal government’s financial assistance. The students can also opt for financial aid from student loans, either public or private. Students can also look for tuition reimbursement from employers. To get detailed information for the best financial guide, click here.

Scholarships for MBA Supply Chain Management Students

Scholarships are the most popular financial aid since there is no need to pay back. Scholarships are awarded to MBA supply chain management online students based on the number of credits, chosen field, or applicant traits. A few of the scholarships are as given below:

  • David R. Parsley Scholarship Fund for Supply Chain Management: This scholarship fund was created to encourage the students to follow their higher education in food service SCM. The applicant pursuing a degree related to SCM, logistics, or business is eligible for this scholarship. Amount: $2,500 to $10,000.
  • Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics: This program proudly funds outstanding students. For you to be taken in for this scholarship, you should submit a complete application before the deadline and revert to the scholarship application questions included in the application. Amount: Up to $20,000.
  • CSCMP Future Supply Chain Star Scholarship: This scholarship is brought in collaboration with MHMS, CSCMP, to award the future supply chain stars in the Chicago area to pursue their career. There is a GPA requirement of 3.0, a portfolio, career-goal 750-word essay required for the application process. Amount: Up to $2,000.
  • ISM Pharmaceutical Forum Supply Chain Management Scholarship: This scholarship aims to prepare a new generation of business graduates to meet SCM’s challenges in the coming future. The applicant needs to be enrolled in partnering institutions like Bowling Green State University, North Carolina State University, Arizona State University, Rutgers University, Northwestern University, or Dartmouth College. Amount: $1,000.
  • John J. Murphy Supply Chain Scholarships: The student must be majoring in any degree related to SCM or logistics. The student should have maintained a GPA of 3.5 or above. Amount: $1,000 to $5,000.

Online MBA Supply Chain Management No GMAT

A GMAT score is not always the best certificate of a student’s ability to pursue business studies. Because of this, an online MBA supply chain no GMAT programs came into being. The programs offer a GMAT waiver for encouraging the students to pursue the program they want. Here’s a list of online MBA supply chain No GMAT programs:

1 Year Online MBA in Supply Chain

Several business schools offer a one-year online MBA in supply chain programs for the students who wish to complete their education as soon as possible. Find the list of the schools below: 

MBA Supply Chain Management Online

MBA is the king of the world of business graduate education. However, students, these days are also opting for Master’s programs. 

2 to 5 years of experience required.More than two years of experience are required.
Diverse academic and professional backgroundSpecific academic background
Leadership experience required.Leadership experience is not required.

We can clearly understand from the comparison that a Master’s is usually related to theory, whereas an MBA offers an application of what is learned in the program. An MBA program also emphasizes leadership. It also helps develop the skill and use it rightly; on the other hand, as discussed before, Master’s is all about theory and doesn’t help you develop skills, particularly leadership. A master’s degree might help you in getting a job, but an MBA will help you in getting a GOOD job. 

FAQs about MBA Supply Chain Management Education

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an MBA in Logistics?

MBA in logistics is a program that focuses on skill-building for students to deliver customized logistic solutions. The program covers the supply chain, product distribution, transportation management, inventory control, and customer services.

Why an MBA in Supply Chain Management?

What is an MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Careers and Salary Outlook for MBA Supply Chain Management Graduates

MBA supply chain management online program offers a career worth exploring. A career in SCM is not only challenging but is very promising. Depending upon the performance of supply chain management, the productivity and performance of the organization vary. And so, there is a dire need for individuals who hold the expertise and an MBA in supply chain management. The jobs are available in sectors like healthcare, distribution, pharmaceutical, and many more companies. Companies like Google, Amazon, Walmart eCommerce, Intel, Raytheon, Dell, etc. provide many job opportunities for MBA supply chain management online graduate students. Find the job titles along with the description and average salary below. You can find more job opportunities and details on

Job TitleAverage SalaryJob Description
Supply Chain Manager$97kResponsible for coordinating with the critical parts of the franchise supply chain. Promoting teamwork, developing & maintaining policies, and effective communication are three primary roles of Supply Chain Manager.
Supply Chain Analyst$69kResponsible for improving the performance of operations, testing, and implementing new supply chain methods.
Procurement Manager$88kResponsible for maintaining contact between suppliers and the business.
Director, Supply Chain Management$129kResponsible for managing and organizing activities related to the products.
Procurement Specialist$72kResponsible for finding services for businesses at the best price to ensure continued functionality. Overseeing supplies, large scale purchases, inventory, etc.
Operations Manager$71kResponsible for overseeing the production of goods and services, and departments like warehousing, manufacturing, and purchasing. 
Director of Operations$74kResponsible for employee management in charge of making purchases, R&D.
Strategic Sourcing Manager$96kResponsible for analyzing and directing how a business spends money.

Certifications and Licensing for MBA Supply Chain Management Graduates

MBA supply chain management online field is growing exponentially and offers job satisfaction to the graduates. According to APICS, 96% of people are satisfied with their SCM career, and the average rating is 8.4/10. Also, it is known that Certified individuals get higher pay as compared to those who are not. The top 5 certifications and licensing are as follows:

  1. APICS Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM): The candidate needs to pass two exams in three years to get CPIM certified. Completing the 75 professional development points every five years to maintain the certification is mandatory the candidate.
  2. APICS Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR-P) Endorsement: The SCOR-P endorsement speaks for your knowledge in SCOR. The SCOR model is an approach in the supply chain which links SCM to business metrics, goals, processes, stakeholders, and internal departments.
  3. ISM Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM): ISM offers CPSM certification, which speaks for your knowledge in a supply management function. The candidate needs to pass three exams.
  4. ISM Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity (CPSD): The second certification offered by ISM is CPSD. It consists of 2 exams; one could be skipped if you already possess CPSM certification.
  5. SCPro Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP): This certification exam combines multi-level education and has a three-tier process. This certification speaks for your ability to impact the organization you are working with for positively.

Additional Resources for MBA Supply Chain Management Professionals

You can find MBA supply chain management online resources below:


  1. American Production and Inventory Control Society: APICS is a globally known reliable source for supply chain business information, and it is an association for operation management. It offers guidance on goods management, logistics, purchasing, and production.
  2. The Council of Supply Chain Management Professional: CSCMP has united SC professionals by career and education enhancement tools for over 50 years. CSCMP has a global network, and it is an online platform that has scattered research findings to individuals and companies.
  3. International Warehouse Logistics Association: IWLA brings people with similar interests – “goods transportation and efficient warehousing.” It is a timely 3PL service provider to approximately 500 of its member companies.


  1. CSCMP Edge: Allows getting the knowledge of year-long supply chain news and a few of the best SCM practices in less than four days.
  2. ASCM: It is an exciting conference held by the Association for Supply Chain Management. SCM professionals from all around the globe join this conference.
  3. InterModal Expo: This conference is held to tackle the critical issues faced by the intermodal supply chain. They conduct insightful discussions that are very helpful for SCM professionals.
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