Ever since the world has invented computers, their usage in everyday life has been exponentially growing. And in the relatively recent past, businesses and organizations started using computers on datasets to gain intelligence from that data. And they do that by ‘training’ the machine on smaller data and apply that knowledge to larger data or other data. That’s Machine Learning for you. And it is increasingly in demand because of the power it presents. There is a lot of buzz generated by this field these days, encouraging individuals to take up Masters in Machine Learning Online. Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence, and it is about the application of actionable intelligence, where the decisions are made by the machines affecting how a product or a service behaves. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the skill requirement for computer and information research scientists is predicted to grow 16 percent from 2018 to 2028, faster than average for all occupations. And Machine Learning is part of that growing computer trend.

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Best Graduate Programs in Machine Learning

Before choosing a master’s in machine learning online program, it essential to vet different programs for their quality, affordability, and success rates. In this guide, we created a list of the best schools for machine learning. The following list of best graduate programs in machine learning universities is created, taking into account the factors like research areas, research focus, honors, awards, job prospects, affordability, graduation rates, etc.

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College Name & AddressTuitionGraduation Rate
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
103 South Bldg Cb 9100, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599
Georgia Tech
225 North Ave, Atlanta, Georgia 30332
CSU Global
585 Salida Way, Aurora, Colorado 80011
Penns State University
201 Old Main, University Park, Pennsylvania 16802
Columbia University
West 116 St and Broadway, New York, New York 10027
Duke University
103 Allen Bldg, Durham, North Carolina 27708
Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213
Stevens Institute of Technology
Castle Point On Hudson, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
Drexel University
3141 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104
University of Rochester
Wilson Blvd. – Wallis Hall, Rochester, New York 14627

Source – Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System & University Data
*Tuition rates are for in-state and per year. Program specific rates may apply.
**NA – data not available

Masters in Machine Learning Online Program Degree Types

Masters in Machine Learning Online is mainly offered as a Masters of Science in Machine Learning – MS in Machine Learning. Or it can be offered as a subset of an MS in Data Science. Some universities offer Machine Learning as a concentration within an MS in Computer Science. 

Concentrations and Related Programs

Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence and a part of Data Science. Data Science is a broader aspect where it blends the concepts of statistics, technical skills, and business vision to predict results. Whereas, Machine Learning is based on Data Science for focusing and calculating algorithms and statistics of the given data to analyze the situation. A combination of Machine Learning and the following programs will accentuate your skills and bring in better career opportunities.

Data AnalyticsMS in Data Analytics teaches you the process involved to examine datasets (raw data) and uncover patterns – to extract valuable information.
Artificial Intelligence (AI)Involves creating machines that can mimic or simulate human intelligence to perform tasks. To learn better, you can learn machine learning and artificial intelligence online as a combination.
Data ScienceStudy or extraction of data effectively using methods like recording, storing, and analyzing data. 
Predictive AnalyticsOnline Masters of Science in Predictive Analytics teaches you to determine future performance using statistics and modeling techniques.
Deep Learning Deep Learning degree or specialization of Deep Learning while taking up the ML program teaches you concepts like how a machine filters inputs, predicts and classifies information.

Curriculum and Skills Gained in Machine Learning Programs

Many companies are ramping up their workforce to take advantage of concepts of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and other similar topics to leverage their businesses. It is time for you to enroll for a machine learning online course to be in tandem to the job market requirements and steer your career to a better place. A Masters in Machine Learning online program can help you understand in detail both the theory and practical applications of all these techniques. During the degree, you will be able to understand and implement different techniques like regression, supervised clustering, naïve Bayes, and more. While the curriculum from program to program can be different, there are some courses within the degree program, that are common. Here is a list of some of the courses you can expect to see as part of your machine learning masters online.

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Foundational and in-depth concepts of Machine Learning
  • Statistical Machine Learning 
  • Intermediate statistics
  • Cover techniques like regression, classification, clustering, etc.
  • Teach algorithms (naïve Bayes, decision trees, etc.)
  • Impart knowledge about programming languages like Python, R, Scala, etc.

How long does it take?

If you are professional and looking for a Machine Learning course, you might be interested in the duration it takes to complete the program. Many factors that go into determining the length of the programs, given that there are several parameters like full-time, part-time, how many credits per semester, background, and more. Most students will graduate from a program for masters in machine learning in about two years. 

One-Year Machine Learning Masters

Some universities will offer fast-track machine learning masters programs. To get on to the fast track of learning, go for a one-year machine learning master. Here are a couple of universities that offer one-year machine learning masters programs through their computer science programs:

Accreditation for Machine Learning Graduate Programs

Machine Learning is a buzz word that is filled up the present and is much wanted in the future too. While this is in high demand, you might be one of those applicants who would be enthusiastically searching for universities conferring programs or courses in ML. In the process of university search, it is highly recommended to go for accredited universities. Accreditation is a process that happens both regionally and nationally, wherein a university is accredited based on the programs it offers for the students. Read more accreditation in the accreditation guide. However, some institutions issue accreditations for schools that offer online masters in machine learning. Here is one such accreditation body.

  • Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTiBA):  ARTiBA is one of the famous accreditation bodies that confirms if the university/college follows the quality benchmark in learning, teaching, and researching Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Masters in Machine Learning Online Admission Requirements

Universities that are offering masters in machine learning online are seeing a lot of footprints and applicants coming by to enroll in the online program. But, during this process, many forget to check the admission requirements before applying to delay the process of enrolment. So, it is better to have a checklist of admission requirements and accordingly get prepared.

Official transcripts of all graduate and undergraduate courses

Application form and fees

GMAT Test Format & scores

GMAT Test Registration

Letters of recommendation

Statement of Purpose

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

How to Pay for Machine Learning Programs?

Machine Learning has become the favorite subject of professionals and students alike, and many are looking forward to enrolling in the Machine Learning programs according to each one’s convenience. However, the primary question students would always have is the process of paying for the program. Many universities offer some kind of financial assistance to students. There are other ways to pay for your higher education, like – employer reimbursed tuition, student loans, fellowships, grants, etc. Read more about financial assistance on the best finance guide.

Scholarships for Machine Learning Students

Apart from student loans or other forms of financial aid, it would be of great help to you if the program is conferred to you on a scholarship. The grant of an award encourages an enthusiast and deserving candidate in enrolling for the Master’s program and pursue it comfortably. Here is a list of some scholarship awards that are available for machine learning students, which include some fellowships that will bolster student’s experience.


Simplr is a technology service provider for businesses in the area of high-quality customer experience. Simplr relies on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide solutions to e-Commerce companies. To support its mission, Simplr administers a scholarship award to encourage students in the US to be creative and earn degrees in the technology industry.

  • Award Amount – $7,500

Amazon AWS Scholarship

Amazon is a popular brand that everyone knows. Amazon’s AWS platform is widely used in the tech sector. AWS administers machine learning scholarship program from Udacity to educate developers of all skill levels to expand their AWS Machine Learning experience. Find out the full details here.

  • Award Amount – Varies
  • Deadline – Varies


Fellowship AI is a program that is focused on provided real-world experience, and they administer a fellowship program for aspiring machine learning engineers. This fellowship program provides a chance to would-be ML engineers hone their skills, building real-world applications using ML engineering concepts. You can find the full details of this fellowship program here.

  • Award Amount – Varies
  • Deadline – Varies

Certifications and Licensing for Machine Learning Graduates

Certifications and licensing play a significant role in analyzing and evaluating your potential. The certifications confirm that you are eligible and on par with the skill requirements. Whereas licensing attests that you are qualified enough to put your skills into professional growth or in the development of others. If you are certified or licensed in machine learning, then you are a step ahead of your peers, increasing your chances of getting highlighted in the job boards and the job market. Some agencies offer machine learning certification and licensing for the same. Here is a list of best online certifications for machine learning: A Master’s in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, allows you to plan, supervise, design, implement, and do multi-functional steps across different sectors through interdisciplinary teams. Many universities, as part of the curriculum, have he advanced concepts of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence as a combined subject. Below is the list of those universities:

Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

This Certification by MIT trains you with the best AI and ML knowledge and prepares you with both academic and real-time proficiency, to perform better in your organization.

Machine learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform specialization

During this certification, you would learn the importance of Machine Learning, building ML models, introduction to TensorFlow (open-source machine learning framework), and more on the Google cloud platform.

Machine Learning

You will get a good understanding of the broad aspects of machine learning and statistical pattern recognition.

eCornell Machine Learning certificate

This certification equips you to implement machine learning algorithms using Python.

Machine Learning Courses for beginners & For Non-Engineers

Suppose you are ready to leap into the world of machine learning and consider to start it off with some machine learning fundamentals for beginnersIf you want to give a try the subject before going in for something big, then the curated material provided by universities/colleges is available in the free courses for beginners. Although this course keeps you on par with the regular students, the material is from the previous lectures. Following is the list of machine learning free online course for beginners that will help you begin your machine learning journey. These programs will also teach machine learning for non-engineers:

Introduction to Machine Learning by Udacity

Machine Learning A-Z by Udacity

Arizona State University (ASU) – ASU has an online Master of Computer Science with an emphasis on Big Data. This program can be signed up students even when they don’t have a computer science undergraduate degree as long as the students go through prerequisite knowledge requirements. Find out more details.

Machine Learning – Free Courses

While there are no free online masters programs in machine learning from accredited universities, you can advantage of taking up free online courses. The material and information available under these free machine learning courses is from previous lectures given at popular universities/colleges during the real-time lectures. 

Stanford University via Coursera – Machine Learning

Fast.AI – Multiple Machine Learning Courses

Harvard University via edX – Data Science

Careers and Salary Outlook for Machine Learning Graduates

The concepts of Machine Learning and AI are penetrating the markets at an unprecedented speed. Today most of the companies that are looking for a thriving business are slowly transforming by adopting Machine Learning in one form or the other. According to Indeed report 2019, Machine Learning Engineer stands first (#1) in the list of The Best jobs in the US, showing a 344% growth with a median salary of $146,085 per year. Here are other career choices that you can make by enrolling in for a Masters in Machine Learning.

Job titleAverage SalaryJob Description
Machine Learning Engineer $111,855Building and managing programs for machine learning projects 
Data Scientist$120,931Collect, analyze, and interpret large complex datasets by leveraging both machine learning and predictive analytics
Business Intelligence Developer$95,985Analyze complex datasets to identify business and market trends

Additional Resources for Machine Learning Professionals

Associations, communities, conferences, exhibitions, all these platforms give you a chance to network with your peers. Although you cannot be linked with a commonplace, a frequent subject of interest (Machine Learning) keeps you associated with each other. These channels help both professionals and students to keep a tab on the changes happening in the Machine Learning concepts across the globe. Here are some of the associations/communities that are purely formed for Machine Learning enthusiasts and followers.

  • International Machine Learning Society (IMLS): is a non-profit organization whose main aim is to foster machine learning research and whose main activity is the coordination of the annual International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML).
  • INFORMS: is the leading international association for professionals in operations research and analytics.

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