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Accelerated Online MBA programs.
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Accelerated Online MBA
Accelerated Online MBA Programs
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Accelerated Online MBA Programs – Details
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Accelerated Online MBA- Details

Accelerated Online MBA

Accelerated Online MBA Programs – Details

The demand for MBA degrees has been increasing rapidly. The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) conducts research into which master’s degrees are students preferring more. In research conducted in 2018, 79% of all respondents chose MBA programs. And the best way to get an MBA degree is by going online. Even before the pandemic of 2020, many students were moving towards getting an MBA degree online. Online MBA Programs are the most flexible way for professionals who already have a career and want to enhance them. Getting an Online MBA degree can also take a long time. Competition is intense for everything these days. Every job opening gets dozens of applications, and every career growth opportunity has competition. In a world that sees such competition, getting an online MBA certainly helps alleviate candidature for new positions or upward mobility. And getting an Online MBA fast is the key to beat the competition. Luckily, many universities are offering Accelerated Online MBA programs. Accelerated Online MBA programs let students finish an MBA program way faster than the traditional MBA program that can more than two years. This guide will walk you through Accelerated Online MBA programs, which universities offer them, how long they take, tuition fees, and all aspects of graduating from Accelerated Online MBA programs.

What are the top Accelerated Online MBA Programs?

Here is a list of the top Accelerated Online MBA Programs:


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FAQs about Accelerated Online MBA Programs

Accelerated Online MBA Programs – Details

Is getting an Accelerated online MBA degree worth it?

Getting an Accelerated online MBA degree is worth it. Getting an MBA will certainly help careers, and an online MBA is the most flexible way to get an MBA degree. And by enrolling into Accelerated online MBA, the timeline taken to graduate will be significantly faster, thereby getting students ready for career growth opportunities faster before thousands of new graduates are added to the competition each year.

Accelerated Online MBA Programs – Details

Do organizations consider Accelerated Online MBA programs?

Most organizations consider Accelerated online MBA degrees as just regular MBA degrees. In fact, in our experience at OMC, no organization should care how long students took to graduate. And all the accelerated online MBA programs on this guide are accredited program, which validates the program quality, and the degrees are valued just like any other accredited degrees.

Accelerated Online MBA Programs – Details

Do Accelerated Online MBA programs maintain high standards?

The universities that offer Accelerated online MBA programs are reputed and accredited universities. And they maintain high standards in the programs, and in most cases, the faculty that teaches the regular degree programs also teach these accelerated online MBA programs. It is just that these universities recognize the need for speed, and they have created accelerated online MBA programs to help students graduate faster to continue towards their career aspirations.

Accelerated Online MBA Programs – Details

How do I pay for Accelerated online MBA programs?

Typically, accelerated online MBA programs can get expensive. However, the universities mentioned in this guide are affordable programs. There are several different ways that students can pay for online master’s programs, including the accelerated online MBA programs. Read more about financial aid on the best financial aid guide.

 Accelerated Online MBA Programs – Details

Are the Accelerated Online MBA programs accredited?

The accelerated online MBA programs on this guide are all accredited by reputable accrediting organizations like AACSB and regional accrediting bodies. Read more about accreditation on the best accreditation guide.

Accelerated Online MBA Programs – Details

What are the admission requirements for One Year Online MBA programs?

Accelerated online MBA programs may have slightly higher admission requirements than regular online MBA programs because the coursework can get intense. In most cases, universities would like to see some years of professional experience to be considered for accelerated online MBA programs. While these admission requirements can vary from university to university, there are common requirements between various universities. Here are some common requirements:

  • Professional Experience
  • An undergraduate degree with a 3.0 GPA
  • Professional recommendation letters from peers, people of influence, past professors, etc.
  • GMAT test score (See online MBA programs that do not require a GMAT test score)
  • Statement of purpose

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Accelerated Online MBA Programs – Details

Accelerated Online MBA Programs – Details

We have considered several factors in determining the top accelerated online MBA programs in the country. We researched several dozens of accelerated online MBA programs and came out with the top accelerated online MBA programs based on the following factors:

  • Timeline for graduation
  • Accreditation
  • Tuition fees
  • Graduation rates
  • Program quality and reputation
  • Affordability
  • Online flexibility – Synchronous coursework Vs. Asynchronous course
  • Past Student experience
  • University reputation

Considering all the research, here are the top 20 accelerated online MBA programs:

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University of Florida, Gainesville

North Carolina State University

University of Houston, Clear Lake

University of Dayton

Colorado State University

Florida International University

Park University

University of Arizona

Pepperdine University

Northwest Nazarene University

Spring Arbor University

University of Illinois, Chicago

University of North Texas

Western Illinois University

Florida Atlantic University

Centenary University

Bryan College, Dayton

Southern New Hampshire University

Northcentral University

Louisiana State University

Source Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System & University Data
*Tuition rates are for in-state and per year. Program specific rates may apply.
**NA – data not available


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