Education is a must in today’s world. But having just some education won’t help in getting those high paying jobs and great careers. Higher education has become the need of our times. And the most significant factor for many is how to pay for higher education. And the rising cost of higher education is a massive problem in our society. Many students are incurring debt so high that they spend many years and decades trying to pay off those student loans. According to Time Magazine, student debt has hit $1.5 Trillion! And according to the American Association of University Women (AAUW), women hold nearly two-thirds of that debt.

So, how can women pursue higher education with increasing tuition costs and mounting student debt?

We created this guide that has information about nearly 70 different types of scholarships and to help you with various available Scholarships for Women.

Top 10 Scholarships for Women

We compiled a list of top 10 scholarships for women. There are many advantages to these scholarships. First, they help lower the cost of attending school, which is worthwhile in itself. Second, since they are only open to women students, they are potentially less competitive and easier to win. Here are the top 15 list of scholarships for women in no particular order:

Scholarships for Women based on the Course of Study

One of the ways organizations, companies, and institutions support women pursuing higher education is through scholarship and fellowship programs. Some programs are designed specifically for women pursuing specific fields such as STEM, Business, etc.

Here are some of those categories and scholarships available in that field:

Women in STEM Scholarships

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Hi-Tec companies constitute a significant source of these programs.

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
Elms College STEM ScholarshipsElms College STEMS Scholarships are for first-year students majoring in STEM degrees at Elms College in a full-time capacity. This scholarship is funded by the National Science Foundation.Feb 1$10,000
Southern Automotive Women’s Forum ScholarshipSouthern Automotive Women’s Forum Scholarship (SAWF) is for women in a STEM program at an accredited institution in a 2-year, 4-year, or graduate degree. Applicants must be a high-school senior or a graduate. This scholarship is for students enrolled or enrolling in the following states: AL, AR, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV.Mar 9$5,000
ABC Humane Wildlife Control & Prevention, Inc. Academic ScholarshipABC Wildlife is a woman-owned corporation that believes in diversity if critical in every scientific field. ABC Wildlife accepts applications from undergraduate and graduate women enrolling in STEM programs at accredited universities.July 1$1,000
Scholarships for Women in Math

Math is part of the STEM programs, but there are some scholarships specifically for Math majors. Here are some of those scholarships:

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
Catharine S. Eberly Center for Women Scholarship for Women in Math & ScienceThe University of Toledo provides a scholarship for women pursuing degrees in Math or Science. Qualifications include women who have finished 30 credit hours completed towards associate degrees or 12 credit hours towards graduate degrees.Feb 28Varies
Alice T. Schafer Mathematics PrizeThis is not a scholarship but a prize for women who have shown excellence in the field of Math for students in undergraduate degrees. There is a nomination process for getting selected for this award.Oct 1$1,000
Joan and Joseph Birman Fellowship for Women ScholarsThis scholarship is for women scholars in mid-career research fellows. The fellowship is awarded to women that have well-established research record in the code area of mathematicsDec 1$50,000
Association for Women in Mathematics Essay ContestAssociation for Women in Mathematics (AWM) sponsors an essay contest for women to write about contemporary women in mathematicians and statisticians. The participants should be in middle school, high school, or undergraduate students.Jan 31Varies
Scholarships for Women in Science

The field of science is another area where there are scholarships available for women. Generally, science comes under the STEM programs, but here are some scholarships that are for science only:

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
American Physics Society’s M. Hildred Blewett ScholarshipThis scholarship is to encourage women to physics research. Women that have finished work towards a Ph.D. in Physics qualify for this scholarship. Women that have seen interruption in their research careers are encouraged to apply.Jun 1Up to $45,000
AMWA Young Women in Science AwardsThis is an award for women in recognition of their outstanding achievements in science and research. This award is an award on an annual basis for three women in 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions with varying amounts.Dec 15$250, $150, $100 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.
Iota Sigma Pi BP ScholarshipIota Sigma Pi awards several scholarships for women in several fields, such as Chemistry.
• The Anna Louise Hoffman Award recognizes outstanding research in Chemistry by a woman graduate. The award amount is $500.
• Iota Sigma Pi also awards undergraduate woman student for excellence in Chemistry. This award is also $500.
• The Gladys Anderson Emerson Scholarship recognizes excellence in chemistry or biochemistry by a woman undergraduate student. This scholarship is for $2000.
Mar 31Varies
Scholarships for Women in Engineering

The field of Engineering is growing rapidly, with women increasingly attracted to it. Unfortunately, the cost of engineering programs is also growing each year. Some of these scholarships will help you cut down your overall expense:

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
Association of Women Contractors ScholarshipsAssociation of Women Contractors provides academic scholarships to women resident of Minnesota that are enrolled in construction-related fields in 2-year or 4-year programs at a community or traditional college.Apr 30$2,000
Center for Women in Technology (CWIT) Scholars Program at UMBCThe University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s Center for Women in Technology (CWIT), provides three awards for women in technology. One of the awards is specific for women that are in the computing and engineering major programs. The CWIT scholars’ programs provide scholarships up to $15,000 for in-state students and $22,000 out-of-state students.Jan 15$15,000 (in-state students), $22,000 (out-of-state students)
Society of Women Engineers ScholarshipSociety for Women Engineers provides financial assistance to women that are enrolled in engineering programs in the undergrad or graduate programs at accredited institutions.Feb 15 for sophomores and grad students. May 1 for freshmen$1,000 to $15,000
Scholarships for Women in Computer science

Arguably the fastest growing educational field is Computer Science. Women are increasingly getting into this Hi-tech field, and corporations are seeing a lot of women in their workforce. Computer Science is a broad field with a very high cost. Here are some scholarships that might help you:

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
BHW ScholarshipThe BHW Group is a mobile app development company out of Austin, TX. They provide a scholarship for women that are in STEM in undergraduate or graduate degree programs.Apr 15$3,000
SWISS ScholarshipApplied Computer Security Associates (ACSA) and the Computer Research Association have partnered created a scholarship program for women called Scholarships for Women Studying Information Security (SWISS). The program provides scholarships to women that are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate-level programs in the field of information technology.Feb 1Up to $10,000
Women Techmakers Scholars ProgramThis is a scholarship program that is awarded to women that are enrolled in tech programs. The scholarship is funded by Google, and it is awarded to women based on academic performance, leadership, and impact on the community of women in tech.They announce this date each year.$10,000
Adobe Research Women in Technology ScholarshipAdobe Research provides a scholarship to women in undergraduate or graduate-level programs anywhere in the world studying computer science. First-year undergraduate students are not eligible for this scholarship. Students have to maintain a strong academic record.Oct 31$10,000
Scholarships for Women in Medicine

Compared to other fields, the cost of medical colleges is really expensive, and it is ever-growing. Apart from FAFSA and other avenues, women can apply for many scholarships if they are a student of medicine. Below are some of those scholarships:

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
Haffizulla Family ScholarshipThe Haffizulla Family Scholarship is for women that are enrolled in medicine. The student should be actively involved in the American Medical Women’s Association.Dec 31$2,000
S. Evelyn Lewis Memorial Medical Health Science ScholarshipS. Evelyn Lewis scholarship is provided to women that are enrolled in any program that leads to medicine or other health sciences. The scholarship is administered by The National Education Foundation.Feb 1$500 to $1,00000
AMWA Medical Education ScholarshipsAmerican Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) provides an award for women students in the field of medicine. The student must be currently enrolled in a medical school, along with their track record concerning the goals of AMWA.Sep 30 and Dec 31$500
Scholarships for Women in Nursing

Nursing is an area where women are in the majority. Nursing has many aspects to it, such as BSN degree, MSN degrees, online MSW programsaccredited online psychology masters programs, bridge programs, etc. A lot of them can be done online as well. Here are some scholarships for women in nursing programs:

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
Elizabeth Garde National ScholarshipElizabeth Garde National Scholarship is administered by The Danish Sisterhood of America for women that are in the nursing or medical-related educational programs. The students should be in an undergraduate or a graduate degree program.Mar 1$850
NURSE Corps Scholarship ProgramNurse Corps provides a scholarship program for women that in a nursing degree program at an accredited institution. The scholarship may pay the tuition fee and other educational costs as long as the student commits to fulfill a minimum of 2 years of service at a healthcare facility in an underserved community, upon graduation.Jun 14Varies
Barbara Rhomberg Excellence in Nursing ScholarshipThe Barbara Rhomberg Excellence in Nursing Scholarship is awarded to non-traditional and full-time students enrolled in undergraduate degrees in nursing. Non-traditional students are defined as students who have stopped education after high-school or careers interrupted.Mar 31$1,000
MBA Scholarships for Women

There are a lot of business schools in the country. They provide the programs various formats such as undergraduate, graduate, distance learning, online, executive, etc. Unfortunately, all of them are expensive, and the scholarships mentioned below might reduce the total out of pocket cost:

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
Forte MBA FellowshipsThe Forte Fellow program provides fellowships to women that are applying or already enrolled in an MBA program from Forte’s partner business schools. Selection criteria include providing exemplary leadership in many ways in the academic, community arenas along with demonstrating team leadership and creative leadership qualities. A typical Forte fellow gets an average GMAT score of 695 and has an average GPA of 3.56.VariesVaries
C200 Scholar AwardsC200 awards scholarships for outstanding MBA women students based on merit and financial need. The student must be enrolled in an MBA program, displays extraordinary leadership potential, entrepreneurial spirit, and integrity.Varies$10,000
Arizona Business and Professional Women’s Foundation ScholarshipsArizona Business and Professional Women’s Foundation Scholarships are awarded to women that are 21 years or older and are returning to school to improve career opportunities.May 1$1500
Jane M. Klausman Women in Business ScholarshipZonta International Foundation administers the Jane M Klausman Women in Business Scholarship to help women pursue undergraduate or graduate-level programs in business management. Women that are enrolled in any business management can apply for this program, including online business programs. Students should demonstrate outstanding potential in the field and should be living within the Zonta district or region.Varies$2,000
Ellen M. Cherry-Delawder Memorial ScholarshipEllen M. Cherry Delawder Memorial Scholarship is awarded to women to students with a minimum GPA of 2.0 and pursuing a degree in the business. Preference will be given to women with dependent children and demonstrate financial need.Jan 31Varies
Law School Scholarships for Women

Law schools can get really expensive, especially schools that have an excellent reputation. Below are some law school scholarships for women:

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
Dorothy L. Weller P.E.O. ScholarshipPEO of California administers this award for women that are enrolled in Law school. Students must be California residents, must have financial need and need to demonstrate integrity, character, academic achievement, and school or community service.Feb 1$2500
Horizons Women in Defense ScholarshipHorizons provides a scholarship for women to encourage careers in supporting US national security. The scholarship can be used for law degrees as well. The eligibility for this scholarship is that the student must be enrolled in an accredited university in undergraduate or graduate-level programs, demonstrate financial need, demonstrate an interest in pursuing a career related to national security.VariesVaries
Justice Pauline Davis Hanson ScholarshipJustice Pauline Davis Hanson Scholarship is for women n law school, currently enrolled. The student must disclose financial information about dependents, annual expenses, and other financial details.Jun 24Varies
American Bar Association Legal Opportunity ScholarshipThe American Bar Association scholarship fund provides scholarships to minority students that are pursuing law school. The student must be attending an ABA, Accredited law school.May 2$5,000 to $15,000
Scholarships for Women in Education

The education field is very competitive, and many schools offer higher education degrees. Women can take advantage of some of the scholarships mentioned below:

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
Alma White – Delta Chapter, Delta Kappa Gamma ScholarshipThis scholarship is for students in Hawaii, pursuing a career in teaching and education. Applicants must demonstrate a financial need and should be od good moral character.Jan 31$1500
Isabel M. Herson Scholarship in EducationThis scholarship is awarded to students that are enrolled in an elementary or secondary school educational programs. Students must provide proof of enrollment.Feb 1$2,500
Edward G. and Helen A. Borgens Elementary and Secondary Teacher Education ScholarshipsWomen students that are 25 years or old are eligible for this scholarship. Students must intend to make teaching as careers at an elementary or secondary school level.Feb 15$1,500

Graduate Scholarships for Women

You may be surprised to learn that, today, there are more women enrolled in Master’s degree programs than men. The National Center for Education Statistics says that, in 1880, women earned only 1.3 percent of all Master’s Degrees in the United States. By 1910, women earned more than 25 percent and, by 1980, almost half. The Russell Sage Foundation reports that after that, the rate of women completing Master’s Degrees began to skyrocket. By 2010 women were awarded roughly 50 percent more Master’s Degrees than men. And women managed to do this by overcoming significant obstacles just to attend college, not to mention enrolling in graduate school.

Here are some scholarships for women in graduate programs:

ScholarshipDescriptionApplication DeadlineAward Amount
AAUW Selected ProfessionsAmerican Association of University Women (AAUW) provides fellowships to women that are enrolled in a master’s program in Architecture, Computer/Information sciences, Engineering, or Mathematics/Statistics areas. There is an additional fellowship that AAUW provides, which is restricted for women of color, for women that are pursuing a Master’s in business administration, Law, or doctorate in medicine.Dec 1$5,000 – $18,000
AAUW Reading Branch Graduate ScholarshipAmerican Association of University Women (AAUW) provides this scholarship to women living in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and pursuing graduate-level programs at an accredited university of are eligible for this scholarship.May 26$2,000
Ethnic Minority and Women’s Enhancement Graduate ScholarshipThe NCAA has developed this scholarship to increase the pool of and opportunities for qualified minority and female candidates in intercollegiate athletics through this graduate scholarship. The scholarships are for women who are entering the initial year of the graduate program and must be seeking admission into a sports administration or another athletic-related program.Feb 18$10,000
Executive Women’s Forum INI FellowshipCarnegie Mellon University’s Information Networking Institute (INI) partner’s with Executive Women’s Forum (EWF) to provide full scholarships for women entering the INI. The scholarship is sponsored by the Alta Associates. The student should be enrolled in the INI, should have a GPA of 3.25 before entering the university.VariesPaid-up to the full tuition amount
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Graduate ScholarshipThe Zeta National Education Foundation provides this scholarship to women that are in graduate programs.Feb 1$2,500
Amelia Earhart FellowshipWomen that are pursuing graduate-level programs in the field of aerospace engineering or space sciences are eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship is administered by the Zonta International.July$10,000
Renate W. Chasman ScholarshipThe Chasman award is a one-time award for women in graduate programs at an accredited university. The award is presented in the Spring of each year. Students have to be in the field of STEM.Jan 30$2,500
William Robert Findley Graduate Chemistry ScholarshipThe William Robert Findley scholarship is for women that are attending a graduate school from an accredited institution and are majoring in Chemistry. The student must have a GPA of 3.25 or more.Feb 15$2,000

How to apply for Women’s Scholarships?

With so many different types of scholarships available, it looks like a daunting task to apply for them and go through each scholarship’s application process. Luckily, it is not that difficult if you follow these steps.


Make a List

Tons of legit scholarships


Start Collecting


Almost all scholarship providers want you to write about why you deserve the scholarship by providing details about your life. You are expected to write an essay(s) about why you chose this line of education, what are your future plans after the degree, etc. It is essential to write clearly and concisely and keep your story real.

Letters of Recommendation

This is another typical requirement for most of the scholarship providers. Identify people in your life that worked with/for that can provide a genuine letter of recommendation for you. Typically, these people would be former teachers, bosses, your coaches, professionals that you worked with, etc.

Transcript & Test Scores

Most of the scholarship applications should include information about your past education in the form of educational transcripts. You might be asked to submit these transcripts to the scholarship providers directly from the educational institution where you studied. This process can take some time, especially if you are a transfer student and/or went to multiple educational institutions in the past. Some applications require you to provide the test scores you achieved before getting into undergraduate or graduate degrees. These are test scores like the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, etc. So, it is crucial to gather this information and keep it ready.

Current Financial Information

A lot of scholarship providers base their scholarship awards based on the financial situation of the scholarship applicants. So, it is essential to gather these documents early on. Also, keep your FAFSA up to date each year as may scholarships require financial documents that prove that there is a need.

Tools and Tips
  • Personalize – Each scholarship is different. Tailor your application to fit. Also, there are a lot of local and regional scholarships. Take advantage of them by applying to those scholarships that are local to you. This way, you will cut down on the competition.
  • Start Early – The application process and information gathering can take a long time. If you start early, you will give yourself a better chance of providing all the requested information and documents.
  • Beware of Scams – Unfortunately, there are a lot of scholarship scams that promise easy money to you. Beware of such scams. Read our guide that explains all about scholarship scams.
  • Language – When writing essays, it is essential to use clear language that tells your story. Keep your story real and genuine. Also, make sure to use correct grammar, word choices, and phrases. Use a professional service that will check the used language. Grammarly is a free plugin tool that can be integrated with MS-Word for real-time spelling and language correction.
  • Show voluntary experience – If you have volunteered before, it would add value to your application. Make sure to include your volunteering experience along with your application.
  • Stay on top of FAFSA – Complete FAFSA each year to stay at the top of financial requirements.
  • Double-check – There are a lot of scholarships available, and each one will have different processes and requirements. So, before sending the application, double-check to make sure you are right information along with the application for that scholarship.

Top 10 Scholarships for Women – Details

1 Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund

Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarships are for women 35 and older, low-income students that are pursuing an associate degree or first bachelor’s degree in a technical or vocational program.
Date – Generally, in Feb but varies
Amount – Varies

2 Soroptimist Live Your Dreams Award

Soroptimist distributes more than $2.5 million in educational grants each year to 1700 women all over the world. The award is awarded to women that provide primary financial support themselves dependents and have the financial need. The student has to be enrolled in an undergraduate program and should not have a graduate degree.
Date – Aug 1
Amount – $1,000 to $10,000

3 American Association of University Women Scholarship

AAUW provides many scholarships, including grants and aid to women attending higher education.
Date – Varies by the scholarship, grant or aid
Amount – Varies by the scholarship, grant or aid

Go Girl! Grant

Go Girl provides educational grants to women. To date, they have supported 147 local women with over $500,000. To be eligible for this grant, the students must be pursuing a 4-year degree or occupational certificate course. The student must be 25 years old, has a financial need, and is passionate about specific educational paths.
Date – Dec 15 & June 15
Amount – Varies

Women in Engineering Scholarship

The Women in Engineering scholarship is for women in first-year college students, sophomores, or junior years. To qualify for this scholarship, the student must be enrolled in a significant branch of engineering.
Date – Apr 1
Amount -$500

6 Women’s Independence Scholarship Program

Women’s Independence Scholarships are provided for a female survivors of intimate partner abuse or women separated from abusers or women who have services from a non-profit agency that provides survivors of intimate abuse. The student has applied or accepted into an accredited course and has demonstrable critical need for financial assistance.
Date – At least two months before the start date of the program.
Amount – $250 to $2,500 per school term

PEO Program for Continuing Education Grant

This scholarship is for women that are attending college. The student must be within 24 months of educational goal and has spent the last 24 months as a non-student.
Date – Varies
Amount – $2,000

8 Ann and Peter Ziegler Scholarship

Ann and Peter Ziegler Scholarship is awarded to women at Central Mexico Community College. To qualify for this scholarship, the student must have completed one semester and has a 3.0 GPA. The student must have enrolled for at least nine credits in Liberal Arts.
Date – June 19
Amount – $500

O Wines Opportunity For Success Scholarship

O Wines Opportunity For Success Scholarship
The O Wines Opportunity for Success Scholarship is for female students that are planning to pursue a 4-year program or already admitted into one. The students must maintain a 3.2 GPA should be able to demonstrate financial need.
Date – Varies
Amount – $5,000

10 Anarcha, Betsy, and Lucy Memorial Scholarship Award

This scholarship award is for African American women who are enrolled in an accredited medical school.
Date – Varies
Amount – $5,000

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The cost of higher education programs should not discourage women from attending those colleges and universities. With a little research, you may discover a world of possibilities to help you achieve your educational goals. Here are some more guides that will help you in higher education.

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