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An online MBA in International Business caters to individuals seeking to explore global markets and enhance linguistic proficiency. This specialized program provides a platform for enthusiasts eager to grow professionally in international trade. Tailored to adapt to the dynamic nature of the global marketplace, it focuses on skill development in strategic management and cross-cultural communication. This Online MBA offers a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of international business and is ideal for professionals aspiring to navigate borders in their careers. Engaging with the current global economy, students navigate a diverse curriculum through a flexible online format, fostering a holistic skill set crucial for success in the international business arena.

Online MBA International Business

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Featured Online Programs

Southern New Hampshire University

PROGRAM: Online MBA in International Business

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit, accredited institution with more than 3,000 on-campus students and over 60,000 online students, making us one of the fastest-growing universities in the country. Founded in 1932, we’ve been relentlessly reinventing higher education ever since and have gained national recognition for our dedication to helping students transform their lives and the lives of those around them.

We’re proud to provide affordable, accessible education that students can pursue on our 300-acre campus in Manchester, NH, over our innovative online platform or at our regional centers in Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth and Salem, NH, and Brunswick, ME.

SNHU has earned the GetEducated.com Best Buy and Best of Business – Best Online Degree awards and is consistently ranked as a top Military Friendly® School by G.I Jobs®.

Best Online MBA International Business Programs

Many universities offer online MBA International Business programs for the convenience of students willing to pursue this Master’s either as an enhanced skill for an existing profession or as a chosen profession. Whatever the reason, one must first check for top MBA International Business institutions offering this course. The teams at OMC have carefully curated and ranked some universities based on course availability, student career options, reputation, faculty, and various other factors.

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College Name & AddressTuitionGraduation Rate
Lehigh University

27 Memorial Drive West, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18015
Northeastern University

360 Huntington Ave, Boston, Massachusetts 02115
University of South Carolina

Columbia-Campus, Columbia, South Carolina 2920
American University

4400 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20016
University of Delaware

104 Hullihen Hall, Newark, Delaware 19716
Concordia University Wisconsin

12800 N Lake Shore Dr, Mequon, Wisconsin 53097
Florida International University

11200 S. W. 8 Street, Miami, Florida 33199
Arizona State University

University Drive and Mill Avenue, Tempe, Arizona 85287
California Lutheran University

60 W Olsen Rd, Thousand Oaks, California 91360
Florida Atlantic University

777 Glades Rd, Administration Bldg., Room 339, Boca Raton, Florida 33431
Webster University

470 E Lockwood Ave., Saint Louis, Missouri 63119
Nova Southeastern University

3301 College Ave, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314
Florida Gulf Coast University

10501 Fgcu Blvd S, Fort Myers, Florida 33965
Fort Hays State University

600 Park St, Hays, Kansas 67601-4099
University of Houston, Downtown

1 Main Street, Houston, Texas 77002-1014

Source – Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System & University Data
*Tuition rates are for in-state and per year. Program specific rates may apply.
**NA – data not available

Understanding Online MBA International Business

An MBA International Business program encompasses a comprehensive study of global markets, cross-cultural management, and strategic leadership. Participants explore international trade, finance, and the complexities of a globalized business environment. The curriculum emphasizes skills in negotiation, cultural intelligence, and market analysis, preparing individuals to navigate diverse challenges in the international arena. With a focus on fostering a global mindset, this program equips students with the knowledge and strategic acumen required to succeed in the ever-evolving landscape of international business.

Curriculum in MBA in International Business Program

The Online MBA in International Business Program curriculum is meticulously designed to cultivate a deep understanding of global business dynamics. Tailored for professionals aspiring to navigate the complexities of international trade, this program focuses on strategic management, cross-cultural communication, and the intricacies of a rapidly evolving global marketplace. The curriculum equips participants with the expertise necessary for leadership roles in the international business landscape by emphasizing practical skills and a broadened perspective, fostering adaptability and strategic thinking in a diverse and interconnected world.

  • Cultures of International Business
    This course explores the profound impact of diverse cultural influences on global business practices. It delves into effective cross-cultural communication, emphasizing the understanding of cultural nuances crucial for successful interactions and negotiations in the dynamic international business landscape.
  • International Economics
    This course explores the macroeconomic factors shaping global trade. Covering economic trends, trade policies, and the influence of variables on multinational corporations, it equips students with insights essential for navigating the complex economic terrain of the international business arena.
  • International Finance
    In this course, students navigate the intricacies of financial management on a global scale. This course explores currency exchange, risk management, and financial strategies tailored for international markets, providing essential skills to thrive in the dynamic and interconnected world of international business.
  • Cross-Cultural Management
    This course explores the complexities of global business interactions. Focusing on effective leadership and communication across diverse cultural contexts, it equips students with essential skills to navigate and succeed in a culturally diverse international business environment.
  • Global Strategy and Leadership
    This course emphasizes strategic management in the international arena. It explores leadership principles tailored for diverse global markets, providing insights into navigating complexities and fostering the skills needed to guide organizations to success in the dynamic landscape of international business.

Skills Gained in an Online MBA in International Business

Graduates of an Online MBA in International Business can pursue diverse career paths, including roles in multinational corporations, government agencies, and consultancy firms. Beyond their specialized knowledge, students graduate with a valuable skill set applicable to various professional contexts. Some skills students obtain during an online MBA in International Business include: 

  • Strategic Management
  • Cross-cultural Communication
  • Global Marketing Proficiency
  • International Finance Acumen
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Analytical Decision-making

Degree Types

MBA in International Business offers specialized degree paths to align with distinct career goals. The standard Master of Business Administration (MBA) emphasizes global strategies, while the Executive MBA (EMBA) tailors to mid-to-senior professionals. The Global MBA (GMBA) broadens perspectives, providing a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and opportunities in the international business domain.

MBA in International Business vs. MS in International Business

Selecting between an MBA in International Business and an MS in International Business depends on career goals. An MBA offers a holistic business perspective, suitable for aspiring leaders, while an MS hones specialized skills for those seeking in-depth knowledge, such as in analytics or finance. Consider career aspirations and preferred skill sets when making the optimal choice.

Specializations for MBA in Intl Business Programs

In the dynamic world of MBA in International Business programs, specializations offer personalized journeys to navigate the global business landscape. Tailoring expertise amplifies career potential, empowering individuals to delve deeply into areas that align with their aspirations and contribute meaningfully to the ever-evolving international business arena. Here are some specializations students pursuing an MBA in International Business online can opt for:

Area of FocusDescriptionCareers This Concentration Prepares For
Emerging MarketsSpecializing in international emerging markets covers various aspects, teaching how to analyze strategies for managing opportunities and challenges organizations face. This course provides insights into foreign companies entering and establishing a presence in emerging markets. Emphasizing factors such as competition, market size, political situations, and resource accessibility, the course explores the dynamic business environment.International Business Consultants, Emerging MarketsFinancial Analysts, Emerging Markets and Market Research Specialists, Emerging Markets
Global Supply ChainThis specialization, integral to an MBA in Global Business Management, offers knowledge about distributing goods and services across intermodal transportation networks such as air, water, and ground. Throughout the coursework, preparation for international logistics management involves analyzing and evaluating intricate dynamics within transnational companies, addressing supply chain trade-offs related to packaging, cargo handling, communications, warehousing, production, marketing, and inventory.Supply Chain Managers, Global Operations, Logistics Coordinators, Global Supply Chain, and Procurement Specialist, Global Supply Chain
International Business StrategyThis program emphasizes designing and implementing the right adaptations for foreign business cultures. It prepares individuals for cross-cultural management professional opportunities involving strategic analysis in international business. Topics include global resource allocation, integration of company components, and establishing business legitimacy in international markets.International Business Strategists, Global Market Analysts, Corporate Development Managers,  International Business Managers
International Trade and Investment LawThis specialization equips professionals to navigate complex international trade regulations, investment treaties, and dispute resolution mechanisms, fostering expertise in legal aspects crucial for businesses engaged in cross-border transactions.International Trade Lawyers, Investment Arbitration Attorneys, and Trade Policy Analysts
Global Marketing ManagementThis specialization equips professionals with strategic insights and skills to effectively market products and services globally, addressing cultural nuances, market trends, and diverse consumer behaviors.Global Marketing Managers, International Brand Strategists, and Market Expansion Specialists

Timeline for graduation from MBA in International Business Programs

The timeline for completing an MBA in International Business varies. Full-time programs typically last two years, while part-time options extend the duration to accommodate working professionals. Accelerated and executive formats may shorten completion time. Online MBAs offer flexibility, enabling students to progress at their own pace. Factors like program structure, credit requirements, and individual pace influence the overall timeline, making it essential to consider personal and academic circumstances.

Accelerated MBA in International Business Online Programs

Accelerated MBA programs in International Business offer an expedited path to a degree, often completed in less than the traditional timeframe. Prospective students should research program structures, curriculum intensity, and admission criteria. While accelerated programs demand commitment, they offer a quicker return on investment, providing professionals an efficient route to enhancing their global business acumen and accelerating career advancement. Here are examples of colleges that offer accelerated MBA in International online programs:

Online MBA International Business Programs Admission Requirements

An Online MBA in International Business Programs Admission Requirements emphasizes the vital aspects prospective students must address for successful application. Understanding and fulfilling these requisites ensure a smooth and efficient admission process, paving the way for an enriching academic journey in the dynamic field of international business. Here is the list of requisites any institution would ask for:

Official transcripts of all graduate and undergraduate courses

Application form and fees

Transcripts from undergraduate degrees

GRE scores/ GMAT scores

Letters of Recommendation

Online MBA International Business No GMAT

GMAT, a standardized test for business school admissions, assesses analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills. Some institutions now offer GMAT waivers, recognizing diverse qualifications and professional experience. Waivers acknowledge applicants’ proficiency and aim to provide more inclusive access to MBA programs, reflecting an evolving approach to assessing candidates. Some institutions that provide online MBA in International Business with no GMAT include:

Accredited Programs

Accreditation ensures the quality and credibility of MBA in International Business programs. Institutions with recognized accreditation adhere to rigorous academic standards, offering students assurance of a reputable education. Prospective students should thoroughly research accreditation status to ensure they invest in a program that meets industry standards and enhances their career prospects. There are three main accrediting bodies for MBA  programs in the United States:

  1. AACSB International (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)5
  2. ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs)6
  3. IACBE (International Accreditation Council for Business Education)7

Universities can also be accredited nationally or by one of six regional accrediting agencies:

Free Online MBA in International Business Courses

Free courses, while lacking accreditation, offer valuable learning opportunities. Certification, even without formal accreditation, adds credibility to acquired skills. Students benefit by gaining knowledge, enhancing resumes, and exploring interests, making these courses beneficial for self-paced education and professional development. Some of these free MBA in International Business courses are listed below:

CourseDiploma in International Business and Trade8
Provided byAlison
DescriptionThe Diploma in International Business and Trade offers a comprehensive exploration of global commerce. Covering key topics such as international trade regulations, market analysis, and cross-border business strategies, the course equips participants with essential skills for navigating the intricacies of the international business landscape and pursuing successful careers in the global market.
CourseInternational Business Environment and Global Strategy9
Provided byedX
DescriptionThe course explores the social, political, economic, and institutional landscapes of nations. This contextual environment shapes a country’s objectives, defines its strategy, and influences the development of programs and policies to achieve goals, significantly impacting companies operating within that nation.
CourseThe Global Financial Crisis10
Provided byClass Central
DescriptionThis course explores the complexities of one of the most significant economic events in recent history. Covering causes, consequences, and preventive measures, it provides a comprehensive understanding of the global financial crisis, making it valuable for learners interested in economic phenomena.

How to Pay for Online MBA International Business Programs

Unlike before, paying for any degree program has become hassle-free. With the many financial payment options institutions offer, individuals can pay their program fees worry-free. When speaking about the different payment options for various degrees, it applies to Online MBA International Business as well. FAFSA is one kind of payment gateway. The other paying formats are student loans, tuition reimbursement, fellowships, grants, and more.


Scholarships are financial awards granted to students based on various criteria, such as academic excellence, talents, or community involvement. Unlike loans, scholarships do not require repayment, providing crucial support for educational pursuits.


Grants are financial awards given to individuals or organizations for specific purposes, often based on criteria like financial need, project proposals, or research initiatives. Unlike loans, grants typically do not require repayment.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships provide graduate students valuable professional experience while assisting in academic or administrative roles. In exchange for their work, students often receive financial support, tuition waivers, and benefits, fostering a dynamic learning environment and easing the financial burden of education.

Student Loans

Student Loans are financial instruments that help students cover the costs of education. Borrowed funds, often with interest, support tuition, books, and living expenses. Repayment typically begins after graduation, providing students with financial assistance to pursue higher education.


Internships offer hands-on work experience to students, bridging the gap between academic learning and professional application. Participants gain practical skills, industry insights, and networking opportunities, enhancing their employability and preparing them for future career challenges.


FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, is a crucial financial aid form for students seeking support for higher education. It determines eligibility for federal grants, loans, and work-study programs, ensuring equitable access to financial assistance and facilitating educational pursuits.

Scholarships for MBA International Business Students

With tuition fees increasing yearly, prospective MBA in International Business students should diligently research scholarships. Institutions, corporations, and foundations offer scholarships to ease financial burdens. Applicants should explore criteria, deadlines, and specific requirements, tailoring their applications to stand out and secure valuable funding for their academic pursuits. Here is an example of a scholarship offered for MBA in International Business students:

Celia M. Howard Fellowship11

Established in 1948 by the Illinois Federation of Business Women’s Clubs, the Celia M. Howard Fellowship program aimed to provide financial aid for the education of highly capable, mature Illinois women in Diplomacy. Over time, it has broadened its scope to encompass International Management, Law, and Administration of Justice. Since 1950, more than 150 women have benefited from this fellowship’s financial support.
Award/Amount: Varies
Deadline: Varies

Careers and Salary Outlook for MBA International Business Graduates

The online MBA in International Business equips students with comprehensive knowledge and skills, preparing them for diverse careers beyond traditional business roles. This program emphasizes advanced research, analysis, presentation skills, project planning and management, and effective communication. Graduates can pursue roles in teaching, research, consulting, and various sectors of the global business landscape.

Job titleAverage SalaryJob Growth (2022-2032)Job Description
Business Development Manager12$80,564No Data AvailableThe Business Development Manager is responsible for developing business solutions. Their tasks involve the creation of effective business plans, increasing brand loyalty, and enhancing customer satisfaction
Business Development Director13$113,917No Data AvailableAs a Business Development Director, professionals lead strategic initiatives to drive growth, identify opportunities, and build relationships. They play a pivotal role in expanding market presence and achieving organizational objectives. 
Senior Business Development Manager14$109,689No Data AvailableSenior Business Development Managers use strategic planning and relationship-building skills to drive business growth. They lead teams, identify opportunities, and implement initiatives to achieve organizational objectives and enhance market presence.
Marketing Manager15$72,161No Data AvailableMarketing Managers shape brand narratives, devise impactful campaigns, and lead dynamic teams. They leverage creativity and market insights to drive brand success, fostering engagement and achieving business objectives.

Certifications and Licensing for MBA International Business Graduates

Certifications are not mandatory for an MBA in International Business but can significantly enhance qualifications and marketability. While the degree itself provides a comprehensive understanding of international business, certifications offer specialized knowledge and skills. Some employers may prefer or require specific certifications, depending on the industry or job role, making them valuable but not universally mandatory.

Additional Resources for MBA International Business Professionals

Being part of professional organizations offers advantages by enhancing knowledge and increasing networking in International business. Such organizations or associations are especially valuable for beginners who seek mentors and peers in the field. Online MBA International Business also has associations and organizations that engage individuals belonging to MBA International Business. Here, individuals are encouraged for professional development, sharing best practices, and accessing members-only education:

  • Association of MBAs16
    AMBA is a platform that connects students, graduates, business schools, and employers worldwide. Members of this association get access to networking opportunities, business school professional conferences, and career services, including an advice database, an employers’ forum, and an MBA-centric jobs portal.
  • American Management Association17
    The AMA is a professional development organization offering business management training seminars, educational opportunities through webinars and podcasts, a leadership center, and access to books, white papers, and articles.
  • Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs18
    APSIA promotes and advances professional education in international affairs. Member benefits include an international career guide, lists of fellowships and scholarships, and a directory of graduate programs.
  • Centers for International Business Education and Research19
    Administered by the U.S. Department of Education, CIBER comprises 17 business research and higher education institutions promoting international competitiveness and educational excellence.

FAQs About Online MBA International Business Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an MBA in International Business?

An MBA in International Business is a graduate-level program that focuses on developing skills and knowledge for managing business operations in a global context. It covers topics such as international trade, cross-cultural management, and global strategy, preparing students for leadership roles in multinational corporations and international markets.

How long does it take to complete an online MBA in International Business?

Do I need work experience to apply for an online MBA in International Business?

Are online MBAs in International Business programs easier to get into?

How does an online MBA in International Business foster networking among students?

How hard is an MBA in International Business?

Is an MBA in International Business worth it?

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