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At Online Masters Colleges, we understand the value of getting a master’s degree and how it will help enhance careers. We created Online Masters Colleges (OMC) site with one main goal –

To help provide high-quality and highly researched online digital content to students who are looking to get an Online Master’s Degree.

In today’s world, there are numerous schools and programs that offer online masters programs.

  • Some are expensive and some are affordable.
  • Some are accredited and some are not.
  • Some offer financial assistance, and some do not.
  • Some schools have better graduation rates while others don’t.

Given so many choices, how to collect all this information from different places? What are the best programs and schools? What are the affordable ones?

This is where OMC comes in!

We believe that researching about various master’s programs and colleges should be an easy task. Our team of experts has created comprehensive information about online master’s programs and colleges that offer affordable, accredited and best programs in various subjects. We thoroughly researched and compiled all the resources you will need to choose a subject and a school. We also provide information about financial assistance, accreditation, and other resources.

Who are we?

We are a group of individuals that have decades of experience in online education. Some of our team members have gone through online master’s programs. We also have subject matter experts in each of the courses. We work with real professionals in various fields and use their knowledge to help bring you the information from these experts in each area.

Meet Our Team of Experts

Online Master's Degree

Gabby H

Web Writer

Gabby H is a web writer with decades of content experience, serving clients from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.  He is a former Professor of English at several major universities, giving him an edge in writing about graduate programs. He has been writing specifically about college degree programs for 12 years. In addition, he has written an optimized copy for clients such as eToys, GoTo.com, Siebel Systems, Nissan UK, Ultimo Software, Cadence Design, the Office of the Governor of California, AARP, and NAMI California.


Shannon L

Writing Professional

Shannon L has been writing professionally for over twenty years. Her work includes dozens of novels under a pseudonym for such publishers as Virgin Books, Random House, and Avon Red. Her writing has appeared in a variety of print and online venues, including MVP Parent, FOX Business, MSN and Global Healthcare Insights Magazine. She currently focuses on writing about higher education, medicine, and law. 


Sonu G


A strategic and data-driven marketing professional with a track record of formulating digital strategies to accelerate organization online growth across multiple industries. Sonu’s experience primarily lies in SEM-PPC-SEO, website development, social media, google data studio, analytics, google marketing platforms and reporting & insights.


Ashwin S


Ashwin S has more than 15 years of experience in creating, analyzing and resolving designs while developing product ideas which enhances the user experience for dozens of websites. Ashwin is a master of creating user-centric designs, communication designs, information flow designs, storytelling and brand management.


Bob L

Financial Professional

Bob L has had a 40-year career working in New York’s financial industry, Federal government contracting, the professional Theater, and Las Vegas casinos. Bob now accepts consulting work as a technical writer and corporate training developer. He is also an author, screenwriter, and blogger.


Cynthia S


Cynthia S is an educationalist and currently works as a lecturer at one of the reputed universities on the west coast. Cynthia has a bachelor’s and currently pursuing an online master’s in education. Cynthia has over 10 years of experience in the field of higher education.


Thomas S

Content Writer

Thomas has 5 years of freelance experience creating target-focused content for dozens of brands and platforms, from higher education to craft beer. His specialties include content creation, content strategy, copy writing, SEO, and editing. In his free time, Thomas manages a personal blog and likes to write novels.


Is the website free to use?

Absolutely free. We don’t charge anything for you to use the site and to gather information about Online Masters programs. But please do read our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.

Are you a non-profit?

No, we are not a non-profit organization.

Then, how do you make money?

The content on our site is thoroughly researched and free for you to use but on some pages, we have some sponsored list of schools plus some student referrals. The schools pay us a small amount of compensation for that. We clearly mark such listings or referral section of the site as “Sponsored” or “Featured Online Programs”.

How come, I don’t see all the master’s subjects?

We are continuously adding subjects and content to the site. Our researchers are continuously researching and updating the website with the latest content that includes – updating the current content to bring you the latest information along with adding new subjects, programs, and schools’ lists. Please do visit us on a regular basis to get the latest content along with newer subjects.

Where are you located?

We are mainly based in the United States, but we have individuals all around the world contributing to the site.

How do I contact OMC?

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