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Whether you recently obtained your master’s degree or are looking to switch careers, you can use a few general tips before you start your search and apply.

  1. Consider what you are looking for in your job. You had a purpose and a reason in mind for obtaining your master’s degree, whether online or in person. Take that purpose and reason to build on what you will want to do in your next job. Also, ask yourself questions such as:
    • Would I prefer to work remotely, in person, or with a hybrid option?
    • Will I be willing to relocate if I have to be at work in person and the position is elsewhere?
    • What is my preferred salary range?
    • What do I expect out of my job? – For example, are you looking for growth opportunities in the company? Are you looking for a supportive environment? Are you looking for a culture with a good work-life balance?
  2. Get in touch with your network. Connect with friends and family to let them know you are looking for a new opportunity. They may know someone who is hiring. If you are using LinkedIn, you can add an “OpenToWork” to your profile picture to let your connections know you are job searching. Then start networking both in person and online.
  3. Start your job search. You can look through LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, Monster, and Ziprecruiter. You can also get in touch with recruiters to help you find jobs that match your interests and résumé. Explore our tips and strategies to help start your job hunt.
  4. Create or polish your résumé. Work on your resume to ensure your education, work experience, soft skills, certifications and licenses, online courses and degrees, and additional experiences are updated. Learn how to make your soft skills shine on your résumé.
  5. Start applying. You already did some research and have worked on your résumé. Now it’s time to put your résumé into the hands of recruiters and hiring managers.

If you are looking for more specific ways to advance in your career or learn more about how you can work in a particular profession, take a look at our career resources below.

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Featured Online Programs

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How to Become

These articles discuss the education, certification or license requirements, steps and tips, and the average salaries of job roles. You can also learn more about career outlooks for jobs and find professional organizations to join and connect with other professionals in the field.

Other Career Resources

As you begin your job search and application process, you may still have a lot of questions on how to get started and whether you are on the right track. Here are other career resources to help you with your next career moves: