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Why It’s Easier to Succeed With Digital Skills Than You Might Think

Businesses and employers around the world have swapped their offices and work spaces for kitchens and living rooms – and the speed with which we adopted the technology to do so has been unprecedented. However, this move to remote work has demonstrated the increasing shortage of skilled workers with backgrounds in data science in virtually every industry and sector – and this trend is likely to continue well into next year and beyond. We take a closer look at why digital skills are more relevant than ever, and the need for up skill – especially now.

Why are Digital skills essential?

In our data-driven economy, you may be shocked to learn that digital skills are not just a prerequisite for traditional tech industries-digital skills that are relevant at all levels and across virtually every industry. Both modern companies depend on digital technologies, such as software engineering, digital marketing, and design, web analytics, artificial intelligence ( AI), computing, etc.


In 2019, a report by the Department of Digital showed that in technical professions, the demand for digital skills was higher – 90 percent of professionals are expected to hold at least necessary digital skills. It also stated that in larger organizations, in particular, necessary skills would not be adequate as 50 percent of professionals and technicians, together with 30 percent of managers, were also required to have digital specialist skills.


A study by Burning Glass in the US found that 82 percent of middle-skilled employees also need a digital skill set. Failure to gain a better grasp of these digital skills can have a drastic impact on your job opportunities and pledge prospects for future payments.

How Technology Is Changing, and How demands are increasing?

The latest study by Deloitte glanced at the 4th industrial revolution as the cause of the rapid development in both digital job opportunities and the digital skills gap. At the same time, in 2019, the World Economic Forum anticipated that more than 133 million jobs would be created to support such particular areas by 2022. There is a growing demand for cloud-based development skills, cyber-security, and big data analytics roles. Apart from broadening the gap in digital skills, businesses may also want to learn what they should do attract and employ the best candidate for the job and how to preserve or re-skill their existing workforce.

How to have a constant bond with all digital things?

There is no doubt about the digital technologies that drive the business environment of today – but it can be challenging for businesses to act rapidly to sustain business continuity and avoid a significant gap in digital skills. Research and analysis from the Smithsonian Science Education Center showed that in recent years many industries around the world had experienced profound digitalization, many other employers have struggled to keep up. Although it can seem like the targets are always changing at the moment, prioritizing workforce up-skilling will help both employees and businesses achieve their full potential – something that companies and schools around the world have jumped on in recent years.


We at Online Master’s Colleges have put in the work to gather some of the country’s Best Master’s in Digital Marketing Online in 2021 and Online Master’s in Data Science, which prepares graduates to choose the best and most affordable colleges. The curriculum of the Online Digital Marketing and master’s in data science reflects a clear emphasis on teaching and training students how best to adapt to external influences, tackle the proliferation of emerging digital technology, and exploit new technologies for the advancement of new business models and strategies.


It is essential to ensure the employees of today are well prepared for the digital world of tomorrow. Although we cannot foresee how the business environment will look in the future, we must educate ourselves on the opportunities that emerging technology will offer and what a digital skill-set will provide to make this ‘new normal’ successful.

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