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online colleges with free laptops or tablets
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Online Colleges with Free Laptops

online colleges with free laptops or tablets

Education has changed quite a bit over the years and decades. The traditional on-campus education is morphing into online education and distance education. This transition to online education has accelerated even more in this decade. And the 2020 pandemic made this as a way of life. Perhaps the essential requirement for online education has a computer with an internet connection. Did you know some colleges give laptops for free and some offer them at discounted prices? In this guide, we will walk you through online colleges with free laptops or tablets.

Online Colleges that Offer Free Laptops or Tablets

Here is a list of colleges that offer free laptops or tablets to their students:


Choosing the Right Laptop for College

It is important to choose the right laptop for your online college education. Some schools provide detailed guidelines about what kind of laptops you will need for their online programs. Students should consider all aspects of a laptop before buying. There are many types of laptops and tablets available in the market – MacBooks, Microsoft Surface, Chromebook, Windows laptops. All of these come from different vendors with different software and hardware configurations. Whichever choice you make, it is essential to make sure that it fits your needs. The below section walks you through things you need to consider before buying.

Things to consider before you buy a laptop:

Does the laptop come with pre-installed software? This can save you a lot of money
Does the laptop have a warranty? This is important as electronic items can break quickly, and warranties help.
What kind of memory (RAM) and disc space (Storage) does the laptop have?
Does the vendor of the laptop provide student discounts?
What is the compatibility available for connecting external gadgets, or what kind of connectivity does the laptop provide?
What is the battery life?
What is the weight of the laptop?
What is the speed of the processor?


Online Colleges with Free Laptops – FAQs

Q: When I graduate the college or drop out, do I get to keep the laptop?
A: The answer depends on the college from which you got the free laptop. Most colleges have some rule that if you drop-out, you have to return the laptop. Be sure to check with the college.
Q: Do I get to chose what laptop I get?
A: The colleges that offer laptops at a discounted price, let you choose the laptop. But most colleges specifications for what type of laptops are needed for online education. Also, the colleges that provide laptops at discounted prices, typically have work with a manufacturer or a retailer of laptops. And whatever laptops these vendors provide is what you get. The colleges that provide free laptops also follow a similar process.
Q: Do all online colleges offer free laptops?
A: No, not all online colleges offer free laptops. Only some of them do.
Q: Are these laptops new?
A: In most cases, yes. But some colleges provided refurbished laptops at a lower price. And some of them provide used laptops at deeply discounted prices.

Online Colleges that offer Free Laptops or Tablets

Several colleges offer free laptops to their students. All colleges do not offer free laptops; in fact, the colleges that offer free laptops to students are colleges that offer online education. And these colleges offer free laptops to their online students only. Below are the details of the colleges that offer free laptops, ordered alphabetically. All these colleges offer laptops for free or at a discounted price.

Source Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System & University Data
*Tuition rates are for in-state and per year. Program specific rates may apply.
**NA – data not available


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