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What are Professional Certifications?

Sonu Gupta

Professional Certifications are gaining a lot of significance because they help professionals gain more knowledge and put that knowledge to the test. Having a professional certification helps the resume to stand out against the competition. Professional Certifications are one of the incredible ways that will help in skills enhancement and also verify credibility. For professionals who are keenly looking to grab better job opportunities and career advancement prospects—earning Professional Certifications can be a sure-shot way to make a mark, amplify industry skills and boost a resume. It also facilitates maximizing the earning potential and provides a competitive edge in the job market. But what are Professional Certifications, and how do you get them? In this blog post, we will walk you through all aspects of Professional Certifications, different types, and how to get them.

Lets Dig Deep

College Transfer site describes Professional Certifications as a process through which a person undergoes to prove that they have acquired or mastered a certain in-demand or industry-relevant skill to perform a specific job well. The evidence is presented in the form of Certification, which can be achieved by passing an exam or fulfilling base or standard requirements about that skill, or finishing a course. An organization or experts generally develop these examinations by keeping in mind the particular industry’s prescribed standards. Before acquiring Professional Certificates, it is essential to know the following:


Right Type of Verifying Institution: Many entities provide certifications, and not all are considered valuable. Finding the right school or academic institution, e-learning platform, etc., is an important step. Selecting the right institution ensures the standard, value, and credibility of the certificate awarded at the end. Some of the most popular e-Learning platforms run Certification programs in collaboration with esteemed Universities and Organizations such as Harvard, Oxford, King’s College London, etc. Some of these platforms are Coursera, edEx, UpGrad, Skillshare, Udemy, etc.


Professional Certifications can be earned in the form of both licenses and certificates. Governments use licensing to regulate specific industry standards and ensure that people working in those industries are tested for job-specific skills. On the other hand, academic and vocational institutes offer certificates to those who have fulfilled the specific course requirements and commitments. Certificates are provided to meet the need for specialized skills, advanced industry-specific knowledge catering to a particular industry by a recognized Professional Association or a Company. Many renowned, fortune 500 Companies such as Google, Accenture, Amazon provide opportunities to acquire advanced credentials through training and certifications to their employees.

Types of Professional Certifications

Different certifications are required to meet diverse requirements. Let’s learn about the various professional certifications that are popular.


Corporate Certifications: Many companies like to invest in on-the-job training for their in-house talent or meet specific organizational goals and objectives. These certification programs are exclusively designed to train employees regarding the company’s requirements for particular roles. These programs also offer excellent networking opportunities to the employees, polish their existing skills and acquire additional skills. For example, Google offers impressive performance management and effective employee training programs to maximize human resource capabilities. The company uses research and data insights to design appropriate training programs aimed at supporting an innovative workforce


Software and Product Specific Certifications: Many professionals realize that sound software knowledge can help them land lucrative job offers or provide upward mobility in careers. Hence, many platforms such as Google, Linkedin are offering software and Product Specific Certifications. Say, on Linkedin, folks can sign up for an assessment test relevant to a wide range of software from Microsoft PowerPoint to Excel and Coding, Adobe Creative Suite, etc., and test their knowledge and expertise in handling prominent software tools. These programs equip and enrich professional with the quintessential tech skills that are needed to in respective fields.


Role-specific: Professionals of a particular field generally prefer role-specific certifications. For example, a client servicing professional or business development professional in the advertising/creative industry is taking up a certification in Advertising and Brand Management from a reputed institute. Such Role Specific certifications provide a stamp of authority in that field and the Role.


These Professional Certifications help greatly enhance careers. Investing in professional certifications is an investment that always pays rich. Just choose the right Certifications aligned to the existing skillset, field, area of interest, and current title. At Online Masters Colleges (OMC), we value the importance of certifications. That is why, for every Master’s Degree subject page that we have on our site, we have added a section that describes the professional certifications that graduates should consider on top of the Master’s Degree itself.

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