8 Best Tips for Online Students

Bob Litt
Bob Litt

Online Education has been gaining momentum for more than a decade, and this current pandemic situation has dramatically increased this trend. The Covid-19 pandemic became a catalyst in enhancing its popularity and establishing it as an essential education method. Many experts believe that this trend is here to stay even after the pandemic situation clears up. Online meetings, zoom calls, webinars, e-classrooms, blackboards, etc. have emerged as the most sought-after mediums to continue learning. Many establishments are starting to realize the reduced cost of online education than the traditional brick and mortar style of education. But the trend seems irreversible at this stage. Many people are coming to terms with online education and its significant impact on our day-to-day lives. Online education is also becoming crucial for college students and working professionals to hone their skills and meet their on-the-job training requirements. It is here to stay and will be a decisive factor in ensuring your all-round academic and professional success in the long run. But there are many other aspects to consider, and undeniably, it has its own set of challenges –


• Online education is not for everyone. Many people prefer a traditional learning experience.
• Digital medium tools, internet bandwidth, and connectivity.
• Having access to a quiet place in the house for a video call.
• Tech Literacy.
• Access to a laptop/computer, audio-video set up.


Luckily, many private and public organizations are coming out to solve these challenges. Governments worldwide are starting to provide funds towards the infrastructure needed for enhanced online work & education. But even for students who do not have challenges in terms of tools, access to devices, or internet issues, online education provides many other problems. Thus, Online Masters Colleges has cherry-picked some sure-shot ways to ace those problems. Here are the best 8-tips for online students that will help in increasing productivity for online students:

1. Planning & Prepare

Just like traditional schools, online education also needs solid planning. But more importantly, online education needs preparation before your lecture starts. Go through the plan for today’s lecture and be prepared to ask questions because you may not have access to the faculty. If you prepare ahead, you will be well-positioned to ask questions and get all the information.

2. Identifying the Resources

Most educational institutions that provide online education provide support resources for students. These resources include


• Technical help for computers, connectivity issues, login credentials, etc
• Offline or Online help (online chat) from Teaching Assistants a few hours a day.
• Previous year’s course materials.
• Virtual Student fraternities and networking organizations.


Identify such resources and save them so that you can use them when needed.

3. Pay Attention

More than a traditional class, online classes are dependent on the discipline of the students. Because the time is limited, the online students need to pay attention to the classroom more strictly and digest as much information as possible. That virtual classroom time is the best place to ask questions and fully understand the lecture. So, removing distractions such as cell phones or browsing through websites that are not related to the lecture will eat into your ability to understand the lecture fully.

4. Time Commitment

When students are going through an asynchronous learning way, it is important to dedicate the time needed to learn, understand, digest, and deliver. Excessive exposure to blue light emission from the computer screen can have a detrimental impact on your sleeping schedules, making you miss out on your assignments and disrupt your focus and concentration levels to fulfill your course requirements efficiently. Hence, students should keep an eye on their time management and work smartly.

5. Strengths and Weaknesses

Identify your strengths and weaknesses in terms of your ability to sit in front of a computer. Some people have maximum productivity during late-night hours, or some can work well in the daylight. Do not try to schedule your classes at the time that you’re at your least productive self. Instead, figure out the period that works well for you. In asynchronous learning, you can schedule it as per your comfort and suitability unless it is necessary. So, try to harness this merit to your benefit. Set a goal for yourself but a realistic one, a short-term goal that you can accomplish, and once it’s completed, treat yourself or indulge in the activity that will rejuvenate you. Carve out a routine that works just the best for you and enjoy better and faster rewards. In synchronous learning also, you can implement the same routine for offline deliverables.

6. Pick a Study Space

One of the biggest mistakes that online students make is to take the laptop and sit in a new place easy day. That might sound like a good choice to have, but it causes many harms your ability to learn. It is vital to set up a dedicated and exclusive space for learning to keep you engaged and distractions at bay. You can choose whichever place works for you the best. Still, internet access should be right there so that you’re not struggling with bad connectivity (Wi-Fi can be weak in some spots) or your peripherals might not be handy, or a textbook might be in some other place etc. Ensure that all your required software is already installed. Relevant books, notes & reference material should be kept handy. Once you establish a place or nook for yourself, place all the things that you will need in that spot. It will act as your classroom, keeps you organized, and ensures a distraction-free environment.

7. Stay Proactive and Indulge

Keep in mind why taking this class is essential for you and why it matters in the first place for you. Actively participate and engage with your peers, take your assignments seriously and engage in the session with an open mind. Ask questions and express yourself. Show your curiosity. This way, you can reap many benefits from your online classes than what you signed up for.

8. Make most of the Break Time

If you are having to sit through a long online class, your faculty will provide breaks in between. Most people go for a walk or get a cup of coffee etc. While it is important for you to take care of your needs in those breaks but try to wrap them fast and save a few minutes to come back early. Use that time to take a look at any assignments or due items for the next class etc. And prepare to ask questions about those items, if any. This way, you won’t get stuck on a question for which you don’t have an answer when you are offline and trying to finish that assignment. Those few minutes in the break will help you save time later in the day.


Online education has revolutionized the education industry. It has brought a great deal of advancement in our lives by providing an opportunity to become a professional from your kitchen table itself. If used effectively, students can acquire a lot of knowledge and gain skills significantly.


At Online Masters Colleges, we are committed to online education. We have helped thousands of students find the Best, Most Affordable, No GRE, Easiest, Fastest online master’s programs along with providing access to a financial aid guide and other resources.


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