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Importance of Epidemiology Study

What is the importance of public health and its study?


Public Health – the word self-defines. The study of public health is of high importance because of the much welfare it did to the world. Public health initiatives and the people connected to the study expressed the need for safety laws, ills of tobacco, family planning, vaccination for polio, clean water standards, and many more. The many policies and regulations laid by the public health professionals and the initiatives taken by them helped in improving the overall health, behaviors, and living conditions of not a small community but the entire world.


What is Epidemiology?

Instant thought you get after listening to the term “Epidemiology” is it might be a study regarding epidemics. Although you are partially right with your guessing, Epidemiology is not all about outbreaks. The process of analyzing the causes of a health issue in a larger group of population – is known as Epidemiology. In simple words, Epidemiology is a subject related to public health. The epidemiologist studies different groups of people that consist of a small group like a community or large population like global. The study of Epidemiology covers causes, symptoms, patterns, and other factors of public health. The data collected while doing this study is used to analyze how epidemics can be solved and prevented in the future. Epidemics here does not concern only dealing with the symptoms and patterns of disease. Still, the study is broad as it includes analyzing terrorism, environmental change, any factor that is impacting the overall public health.


Importance and usage of Epidemiology degree/study.


Usage of Epidemiology subject:
It is imperative to emphasize how vital Epidemiology is for saving lives, improving public health globally, and helping in the curb of extended epidemics, pandemics, or even the occurrence of extreme events.
Epidemiology is a deep-rooted subject that saw its inception as early as 5th Century B.C. It is only now; governments, people, and everyone started understanding the importance and usage of the subject in enhancing human health worldwide. The use of epidemiology subject is especially important in communities where the people experience poverty and unpredictability. Researchers explained the functionality of epidemiology clearly over Five W’s: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Irrespective of the case, the epidemiologist dissects the event or disease into five W’s that involve analyzing, determining, and regulating the cause of the situation.


Importance of Epidemiology subject:
Epidemiology is a study that helps in saving many lives. The study of epidemiology does not belong to sciences as it is a study of varied situations across the world, not constraining to health alone. However, the knowledge of this subject has helped populations across the globe. In the past, the epidemiologists studied and helped in preventing diseases like polio, smallpox, typhoid (epidemics). They are also involved in defining the link between lung cancer and smoking; the causes of breast cancer, regulations of motor vehicles, and the epidemiologists convey many such analyses. In the current situation, the epidemiologists could contain the pandemic, COVID-19, by studying the cause and implementing social distancing as a way to regulate it.


How to pursue Epidemiology?
Epidemiology is a specialty while pursuing Public Health studies. Different study options are available to pursue this subject.



Many initially do not opt for a degree in epidemiology, as they do not know to see the big-picture; that is how the knowledge of epidemiology is crucial for the better conditions of the world. A public health professional can also take up online courses for epidemiology to improve or enhance your skills. Or, enroll for a Masters in Epidemiology online, or MPH Epidemiology online is a perfect way to augment your credentials. If you are a public health student and searching for options to take up study in public health, then opt for Epidemiology as your specialty.


The demand for this subject and the professionals related to it are in higher need. Seeking a degree in it qualifies you for not only attaining a high-pay job but also gives you opportunities in promoting better health to the world. Read more about how to get an online masters degree in Public Health or Epidemiology

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