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Top 4 Masters Degrees for Career Change

Sonu Gupta

The phrase “Career Change” can trigger emotions ranging from anticipation to fear. The path to chart out a new career is often riddled with trepidation, insecurities, and curiosity. Conventional thinking influences our notions of what our profession should be. The seed is usually planted early on about careers. In our imaginations, we often see ourselves in a linear, singular career. But life is not linear. There are many curve balls and bends along the way. There is no writing on the wall that states that you have the choice of pursuing a single line of profession as an individual. We live through that period, where we are privileged to have multiple options to pursue occupations that incite our passion. Choices have responsibilities and consequences. So after you graduate from college and start your professional career, but after a few months or a few years down the line, you discover that you have others and wish to explore different career options. When you arrive at that decision, your starting point would be to go to higher education. If you are committed to developing skills in your new area of interest, you will most likely want to obtain a Master’s degree to equip yourself with adequate knowledge and training.


The most comprehensive and in-demand Master’s degrees for a career change are:


MBAs – A Master of Business Administration degree or MBA is seen as the surefire way to propel a career change in the right direction. Some MBA degrees are preferred more by employers from particular sectors than others. Business is at the heart of any economic activity, and the knowledge of doing business is valuable in various management areas, including marketing, finance, accounting, supply chain management, sales, etc. When pursuing an MBA, you will be asked to choose an area of focused study, such as marketing or business management. It will help you develop your niche once you dive into the job market armed with your new knowledge set. And the good news about MBAs is that there are so many branches and specializations that you can choose a branch close to your current career.


Computer Science – Today’s world can’t get enough of computer nerds. The demand for computer science graduates has forever been on the rise. These people even have their geographical area dedicated to them – Silicon Valley. The Best Master’s degrees in Computer Science are often featured with a customizable curriculum but are centered on new leading business intelligence-based technology and software. Computer and information systems managers are often tasked by their companies to determine their software, hardware, and network needs, ensure information technology security, and direct other IT professionals. They also work with technology vendors in procurement.


Marketing – Apart from an MBA in marketing, which focuses on management and leadership aspects of marketing, an MS in Marketing programs are also available. Students pursuing an MS in Marketing learn the foundations of Consumer Trends and Branding, among many other disciplines. You’ll learn basic marketing principles, conduct case studies, complete projects, and attend guest lecturers. Many career change aspirants chose an MS in Marketing to become marketing professionals.


Finance – With an MS in Finance, you’ll learn the know-how to become a financial professional. This degree usually involves the study of balance sheets, income statements, cash flow, and debt. This highly focused stream of research prepares students to identify financial trends, make performance comparisons with competitors, and practice financial forecasting. It’ll give you insights into what level of debt your company is at and how much more it can sustain.


So, when it comes to career changes, there are plenty of choices that are worth pursuing. But the Top 4 Masters degrees for a career change are – MBAs, Computer Science, Marketing, Finance.

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