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1-year master’s programs online
top 25 schools that offer the 1-year master’s programs online
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one-year online master’s programs
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One Year Master’s Programs Online
1-Year Online Masters Details

One Year Masters Programs Online

1-year master’s programs online

Time is of the essence in any field. This is especially true for professionals who are looking for career growth. One of the ways to grow a career is by getting a master’s degree, which will make a resume of professionals look much better. A master’s degree also adds weight and tilts the scale in your favor in competitive fields. But professionals do not have the time to research the universities, enroll in programs, and travel to on-campus schools to attend classes, either full time or in the evenings. With the advent of online education, many universities are now offering affordable online master’s degrees that you can easily enroll. Getting an online master’s degree can take a few years as well. But that is not necessarily true. We created this guide to help you chose the universities that let you finish accredited online master’s programs within a year. We have listed 60 online master’s programs from 25 top schools that let you finish 1-year master’s programs online.

What are the one-year master’s programs online?

Here is our list of top 25 schools that offer the 1-year master’s programs online:

  1. University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley
  2. University of Texas Permian Basin
  3. University of North Texas
  4. California Baptist University
  5. Arkansas State University
  6. Ball State University
  7. Capella University
  8. Auburn University
  9. Anderson University
  10. California State University, East Bay
  11. Frostburg State University
  12. Northeastern University
  13. Boston University
  14. Stetson University
  15. University of Findlay
  16. Central Washington University
  17. Fontbonne University
  18. Saint Leo University
  19. Lamar University
  20. Walden University
  21. Cumberland University
  22. Greenville University
  23. Concordia University, Portland
  24. Trine University
  25. Clarkson University

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FAQs about One Year Masters Programs Online

Masters Degree

Are the one-year online master’s programs accredited?

Yes, all the programs that are listed in this guide are accredited independent bodies.

online masters schools

Do the one-year online master’s programs maintain high quality?

Absolutely. The one-year online master’s programs listed on this guide maintain high quality. They are accredited by independent bodies, and several students went through these programs, graduated, and have successful careers.

one-year online master’s programs

Are the one-year online master’s programs widely accepted by employers?

Yes, most employers look at the accreditation of the university from which students have graduated. And these programs are accredited and accepted by employers.

one-year online master’s degree

Can I still work while getting a one-year online master’s degree?

Yes, you can work full-time while working on your online master’s program. But it is important to note that the schoolwork will be intense, and you have to devote your evenings and weekends for such fast-paced programs. You also have strictly followed a calendar routine and make the most of the weekends, long weekends, etc.

one-year online master’s programs expensive

Are the one-year online master’s programs expensive?

Not necessarily. Some of the programs charge the same fees, just like regular online master’s programs. But you have to plan the courses well as some courses will not be offered in the summer semester or may have higher tuition in summer semesters. If you split the coursework into regular semesters and plan it well, you can get away with paying the same fee.

online master’s degree in 12 months

Getting an online master’s degree in 12 months seems unreal

Yes, it does seem unreal, but it is real if you are up for the challenge. Universities are offering these one-year online master’s programs, and it is up to you to take up the challenge of going through these intense and strenuous programs to help advance your career.


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One Year Master’s Programs Online – Details

Several universities offer online masters programs that can be finished in one year. But not all of them are accredited programs. Here is a list of top 25 schools that offer accredited one-year online programs. Some of the below schools offer multiple online masters programs from which you can chose and they can be finished in 12 months. Our rankings methodology includes several factors such as tuition fees, graduation rates, the reputation of the programs, teacher-student ratio and the flexibility of the programs.

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University of North Texas

Arkansas State University

Ball State University

Capella University

Auburn University

Anderson University

California State University, East Bay

Frostburg State University

Northeastern University

Boston University

Stetson University

University of Findlay

Central Washington University

Fontbonne University

Saint Leo University

Lamar University

Walden University

Cumberland University

Greenville University

Concordia University, Portland

Source Integrated Post Secondary Education Data System & University Data
*Tuition rates are for in-state and per year. Program specific rates may apply.
**NA – data not available


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