Derick de Souza - Contributing Author
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Derick de Souza

Derick is a business and education consultant working on various projects and domains. With over 25 years of experience in different settings, he loves to tell others about "how not to fail" rather than "how to be successful." Derick produces short films and music videos and writes and edits articles on online learning, business, employment, and skill development, among others. His hobbies include photography, web design and development, and traveling.

Author's advice to students

While pursuing a master's degree, remaining curious and open to new ideas is critical, as this can lead to innovative research and a better understanding of your field. Create a systematic approach to studying and researching to make consistent progress. Networking with professionals and attending conferences can also provide helpful information and opportunities. Remember to strike a healthy work-life balance to stay motivated and productive throughout your studies.

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