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Brandon Mario D'Souza

Brandon is a registered social worker with Social Work England. He obtained his Master's in Social Work (personnel management & industrial relations), using it in fields such as water treatment, construction, software, and education. He then transitioned to the health and social care sector with an M.Sc. in Health Psychology. Brandon loves to write, cook, and play musical instruments (piano, guitar, melodica, ukulele, and kazoo) and enjoys the calmness and serenity of nature.

Author's advice to students

In pursuit of your master's degree, concentrate on developing both depth and breadth in your field of study. Engage with the literature, debates, and current research to broaden your understanding. Prioritize effective communication skills, which are necessary for articulating complex ideas clearly and persuasively. Take advantage of opportunities for practical experience, such as internships or assistantships, to supplement your academic knowledge with real-world applications.

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